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What better place than San Diego to start a small business. As the second-most populous city in California, San Diego truly has a lot to offer. The town itself draws people in from all over the country with attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and of course, you can’t forget about Legoland. And then there is the weather that is always (or nearly always) clear, sunny, and the perfect temperature for just about anything that you can imagine. So if you are looking to launch and run a small business, this is the place for you. 

With several notable area colleges and universities, San Diego also offers business owners a vast talent pool to recruit. You do have everything you need here. And when it comes to small business loans in San Diego, you can’t go wrong there either. Lenders are eager to work with dynamic San Diego-based companies. Numerous funding options exist for your California business, from startups to seasoned veterans.

Getting a Business Loan in San Diego

What exactly do you need to know about getting a small business loan for your San Diego area business? It is a lot simpler than many people make it out to be. Especially if you are working with an alternative or online lender, the process is fast and easy. You fill out an online application and then submit the requisite documents. Among what the lender might ask to see are:

  • Tax returns, both business and personal
  • Financial statements, to include balance sheets, cash flow statements, and profit and loss statements
  • Any leases that the business has
  • Any pertinent licenses or permits
  • The articles of incorporation for your company, if applicable
  • A business plan, if you have one

And that is all there is to it. Usually, the lending institution will have a representative on your case, guiding you through the process right from the very beginning until you are funded.

Should You Have a Business Plan?

When it comes to applying for small business loans in San Diego, many entrepreneurs wonder if they should have a business plan ready to go. The short answer here is yes. While many lenders may not require one, being able to provide a method of this nature can only enhance your application packet. And let’s say, for example, that your credit score is less than ideal or you do not have the necessary collateral. Having a comprehensive business plan that shows you take your venture seriously and you have a blueprint for the future can help bolster an application that may not otherwise be perfect.

If you are uncertain about creating a business plan, there are several online resources available. You might even check with the SBA, as they have people who can help you create a professional business plan.

Among the critical components of any business plan are an executive summary, a company description, the market analysis for your niche, the organization of your business, a marketing plan for moving forward, and financial projections. Many other things can be included in your business plan; however, this is to get you started.

What Can You do With a Small Business Loan for Your San Diego Company?

Again, the great thing about working with an online lender is that you’re not relegated to using the funds you receive for just one thing. That is to say; The money can be allocated to any area of your business or any business need that you may have. So, for instance, if you want to hire more staff, you can use the proceeds from your loan to do this. Even if you need money to weather a difficult financial period, your loan funds can also be used. The important thing is to have a plan for those funds once you receive them. The more organized you are, the more specific you are about where the money is going and why the better ROI you will get on your small San Diego business loan.

Many of our clients have used small business loans in San Diego to expand their offices, buy out competitors, purchase new vehicles, purchase IT equipment, launch a marketing campaign, and this scratches the surface.

First Union Lending is Here for You

Our job is to help small San Diego area businesses thrive and ultimately grow. Our programs are fast and flexible, and many clients receive the cash in their accounts within two business days. Yes, we do work that quickly. If you need additional capital, we want to consult with you. Call today and let’s get started.

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