National Physicians Week

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Over the past couple of years, healthcare workers in this country have been pivotal to keeping things moving. The pandemic changed life as we know it, and physicians were right there on the front lines, helping treat and care for people who desperately needed it. Doctors and healthcare workers made what could have been a catastrophe of monumental proportions somehow manageable. This is why it’s perhaps more important than ever to thank a physician during National Physicians Week, which runs from March 25 through March 31.

People recognize that National Physicians Week is an important event. They are sharing stories; they are talking physicians as heroes who risk their own lives in some cases for those of their patients. This week it is time for us to pay homage to all those heroes in the healthcare industry – the physicians.

How to Observe National Physicians Week

Beyond, of course, taking the time to show your appreciation to physicians and also taking a moment to thank others in the healthcare industry, you could go above and beyond.

Why is this more than just a day as so many national holidays are? Perhaps the depth of doctors’ sacrifices, the enormous stresses they operate under, and their determination to help save lives make this group worthy of an entire week.

In observing National Physicians Week, some of the things that you might do are:

  • Send a note of thanks to your doctor. Handwritten notes and cards do brighten someone’s day.
  • Bring a physician coffee and breakfast. Their mornings can get hectic too. Being surprised with coffee and some refreshments can mean a great deal to a doctor.
  • Take out a digital ad in honor of your favorite physician’s team. More than just expressing your immediate thanks, why not shout it out to everyone. You could also post about it on your social networks.
  • Give the physicians you know a red carnation. The red carnation has become a symbol of both National Doctors Day and National Physicians Week.

If You are a Physician, Remember to Treat Yourself This Week

We know that having a practice or running a medical business is a 24 hour a day endeavor. But you do need to take some time to relax and self-care. Ironically, doctors are so busy focusing on their patients and those they care for that they often forget to care for themselves. Some things that you as a physician might do this week.

  • Try and take a day off to relax. You don’t necessarily have to go anywhere or do anything special. Just relaxing at home and recharging your battery can go a long way.
  • Take a moment to take pride in your accomplishments and what you’ve achieved. Physicians work incredibly hard to get to where they are. And they don’t often enough acknowledge the extent of that hard work, the hours spent, or the numerous years put into becoming a doctor. It is okay to celebrate yourself.
  • Treat your staff to a meal. Just like any other business, a medical business is also a team. Taking a day this week to enjoy one another and share meal can be an occasion for greater camaraderie and of course fun.
  • Celebrate other doctors that you know. The medical profession truly is connected, meaning you work together in critical ways, so it is essential to acknowledge the contributions that your fellow doctors and physicians make during National Physicians Week.

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