National Apple Pie Day: A Classic American Dessert

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It doesn’t get any more American than apple pie and some ways. People are excited to celebrate National Apple Pie Day, which happens on May 13. The history of apple pie, however, actually begins in England. But it has been America’s take on this classic dessert that has helped make it a pretty iconic menu item in this country.

Of all the days that we celebrate and commemorate, what could be more fun than a day dedicated to apple pie. One of the reasons apple pie is so prevalent in America is the extraordinary growth and variety of apple trees that we have here. Apple pie is much more than just a dessert. However, it is, in some ways, part of our national identity. It is said that during World War II, soldiers would rally around the cry “doing it for Mom and apple pie.”

Ways to Celebrate National Apple Pie Day

So what can you do today to commemorate one of our nation’s most loved desserts?

1. Bake an apple pie. Please keep it simple when celebrating National Apple Pie Day and go ahead and bake your pie. There are hundreds if not thousands of recipes online guiding you toward the perfect piece of the pie. You can certainly have some fun with it, from classic, lattice-style apple pie to Dutch apple pie to more gourmet versions. And don’t forget about the different varieties of apples available. Granny Smith, red delicious, and Gala apples all have their distinctive flavor and thus result in very different tasting pies.

2. Have some friends over to enjoy your pie. Baking an apple pie is one thing; sharing that pie with friends and family is quite another. And on National Apple Pie Day, it is, in some ways, all about sharing. So have a get-together and enjoy a slice of American apple pie. You can even have an office gathering, a dessert, and a coffee hour and enjoy some tasty treats.

3. Share your recipes online. The great thing about the internet is that it has changed how we cook. Millions of recipes are available online for just about any dish or dessert you can imagine. Why not share your own? You might even blog about your delicious apple pie. Get creative here.

Small Businesses on National Apple Pie Day

Spotlight the apple in all ways possible. You can go beyond just pie and come up with some new and inventive apple-based dessert dishes. Or perhaps you may want to experiment with savory apple creations. If you are a restaurant or café, then National Apple Pie Day might be an excellent time to run a promotion.

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