Let’s Celebrate National BBQ Day

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In some ways, BBQ is quintessentially American. Come warmer weather and summertime especially, and people are at their grills ready to cook. There are community barbecues and neighborhood cookouts. You name it. It is a way to usher in outdoor experiences and sunshine after a long winter.

As we approach Memorial Day, people are certainly firing up their barbecue grills for the summer. Taking some time this National BBQ Day and grilling for your family and friends is a great way to relax after a long day while enjoying some delicious food.

The History of BBQ in America

Barbecuing does date back to the beginnings of this country. George Washington even talks about going to a barbecue as early as the late 1700s.

Historically, barbecuing has been more commonly associated with the South. Places such as Texas, Virginia, and Alabama tend to be heralded as meccas of BBQ.

The word barbecue itself derives from the Spanish word barbacoa—which is a cooking technique. However, today barbecuing extends beyond just a cooking term and encompasses entire cultures and ways of life. In fact, in some US cities, barbecue does speak to a cultural milieu. You have Kansas City barbecue, for example. Of course, there is Texas barbecue. Georgia also is known for its outstanding barbecue culture.

How Do You Celebrate National BBQ Day

As barbecue is a regional phenomenon in some instances, different cities and states will celebrate National BBQ Day differently. But what is common to all regions in the United States is some delicious food on National BBQ Day. Below are some ideas and ways that you might celebrate:

1. Try some new dishes you haven’t tried before. Barbecues have come a long way in the past few decades. With new gadgets and accessories along with innovative ways of cooking, grills have opened up new worlds to budding barbecue masters. Why not experiment and go beyond just the traditional this National BBQ Day? Grill some veggies. Make a casserole. Experiment with some different marinades. Get creative.

2. Have a good old-fashioned barbecue. What better way to commemorate National BBQ Day than to have guests over while you are at the grill firing up some classics. Gathering with friends and family is perhaps the best way to mark this day. Not to mention probably the most enjoyable way.

3. Exchange recipes online. One of the most extraordinary things about the internet is that there are many recipes available. And yes, many of them are for barbecuing. If you have unique BBQ recipes and some to-die-for food hacks, why not share them on your social media accounts. You might even consider engaging in a recipe swap on National BBQ Day.

4. Update your barbecue grill. If your grill has seen better days, this may be an excellent opportunity to invest in a new one. Outdoor gatherings and events have become incredibly popular, especially in the past couple of years. Can your grill handle the company? Are you perhaps looking to try cooking with a conventional charcoal grill? Why not go grill shopping today and invest in a unit on which you can cook all of your favorite recipes.

National BBQ Day is Also About Restaurants

The restaurant industry has been hit hard over the past couple of years. Many are still struggling to get back on their feet. One thing you might do on National BBQ Day is visit one of your favorite establishments. There are numerous barbecue restaurants throughout the United States. Plenty of ways to enjoy some truly delicious food.

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