A New TikTok Marketing Approach

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TikTok is now partnering with Foursquare to maximize your TikTok marketing experience. Businesses need to take advantage of every channel there is. From Facebook to Instagram to, yes, TikTok. But how do you ensure that your efforts are worth it? How do you know that customers are not only paying attention to your TikTok ads but are acting upon them? Especially if you have a physical location, you want to be able to follow the sales journey from that initial digital impression to the shopper’s experience in-store. By collaborating with Foursquare, TikTok is trying to make this happen.

Foursquare currently has a measurement product in place known as Foursquare Attribution. Essentially, this is a solution that helps show how effective or ineffective an ad campaign may be in getting people to actual brick-and-mortar stores. Integrating Foursquare into the TikTok marketing platform means that marketers and advertisers will now have access to critical metrics. These metrics tell them whether or not they are on the right track.

In analyzing such metrics, businesses can see where their campaigns may be lacking. They can make adjustments that could help to optimize those campaigns better. And they can see if the money they spend on TikTok overall is doing them any favors. You might think of this as an effort on TikTok’s part to add a layer of transparency to the TikTok marketing process.

Leveraging Buyer Patterns

By looking at past patterns and purchases, the Foursquare tool helps predict critical behaviors. It also enables business owners to see their ads’ impact, see their top drivers, and pinpoint where opportunities may exist in terms of more significant optimization.

And it’s not just about understanding ad strengths and weaknesses. The TikTok/Foursquare partnership also allows advertisers to see which audiences are most important to their campaigns. Defining that target audience and creating ads for them is what gets results. TikTok aims to try and get you those desired results.

Why TikTok Marketing is Important for Your Business

Regarding social media marketing, if you’re not currently on TikTok, now is the time to get there. Facebook and Instagram are great, but it seems that lately, TikTok is where the real power is.

TikTok in-feed ads are gaining in popularity.

An in-feed ad is an ad that shows up when a user is flipping through their feed. The good thing about this particular ad type is that it looks like standard TikTok content. This also means that you can get pretty creative in terms of your in-feed ad. They do cost money, however. But for many businesses, the ROI is worth it.

You have access to influencer marketing.

TikTok, by and large, is all about the influencers. Recent surveys suggest that TikTok influencer engagement rates are nearly 20%. On other social media venues, they have right around s 5% rate. If you can get an influencer to work with your brand, this is TikTok gold.

You can create viral content.

Make no mistake about it. TikTok is about the kind of content that has the potential to go viral. This is what audiences gravitate towards. This is what audiences connect to. And you don’t need a ton of equipment or professional equipment, for that matter. With video editing software, you can create a dynamic TikTok video. Again, this is where creativity comes into play. When it comes to TikTok marketing, you’re encouraged to think outside the box.

You can catch on to trends early.

Regarding social media trends, TikTok is the new king. By staying abreast of what’s going on on TikTok, you can access the latest trends. Somehow incorporating these trends into your marketing campaigns could go a long way for your small business.

Your TikTok marketing game is essential to the survival of your business in the long term. It’s about maximizing available channels so your company gets seen and your brand grows. If you aren’t familiar with TikTok or don’t know how to get started, you may want to think about hiring social media help to this end.

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