Social Media Day!

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What exactly is Social Media Day? It’s essentially a day to commemorate the ways we communicate and connect via social networking platforms. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, these online platforms have made the world a smaller place, and this could be considered a very good thing. This is precisely why we celebrate Social Media Day on June 30.

The day actually began back in 2010. Its initial creation was meant to recognize that social media does in fact have a huge impact on our world and on the way we come together because of the existence of social media. Did you know that the first online social platform was actually launched back in 1997? A very rudimentary version of what we know as social media today, this particular platform lets users create profiles, build bulletin boards, and list relevant family and friends. It wasn’t exactly intuitive as today’s social media platforms are…but it was a start! Today, of course, social media has come an incredibly long way and continues to evolve and expand, exponentially so.

Fast Facts About Social Media in 2022

  • Across all applicable platforms, there are approximately 4 billion users.
  • The average person has between five and seven different social media accounts.
  • The fastest-growing online platform is TikTok; its growth rate is 105% over two years.
  • The most used platform is still Facebook and Instagram comes in a respectable second.

The Benefits of Using Social Media

On Social Media Day, let’s take a look at the many benefits there are to having and using accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more!

1. It keeps you connected

Ask many users and they will tell you that one of the definite advantages of being on Facebook or Instagram for example is that they can connect with people that they otherwise might not be able to. In fact, users are able to connect with people from their past, people they haven’t seen in ages. Social media really does help make the world a smaller and more manageable place for so many users.

2. It’s a tremendous small business marketing tool

The individual benefits of social media aside, various platforms work amazingly well for small businesses in terms of marketing. Facebook for example represents a quarter of the world’s digital ad spend. And this is because it works so well. Online platforms are a highly effective and inexpensive marketing tool that allows companies to engage with users, build followers, and gain more leads.

3. You can keep up with trends

Whether you’re an individual or a business, social media is a wonderful platform for keeping abreast of the latest trends. Why is this important? Understanding what’s trending and what’s popular enables you to tailor your posts accordingly. If you do want the chance to “go viral,“ then you certainly need to know what’s trending and what people are gravitating towards.

4. It is a highly visual medium

Yes, you can post captions and messages. But perhaps the biggest appeal of using online social platforms is that it is such a visual entity. From user videos posted on TikTok to stunning photos seen on Instagram, these platforms are a deeply engaging way to pass the time.

5. It helps to humanize an otherwise digital world

Many people refer to social media as “real.” Especially for companies, you get to show your human side via your posts and captions. This in turn allows you to more effectively connect with users and potential customers. People want to know the human beings behind the brand. Online platforms allow you to show your human side.

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