National Employee Appreciation Day

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March 4 marks National Employee Appreciation Day. So what exactly is today all about? Today is about celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of your employees. It is about taking time to recognize them and to let them know that you are grateful for the work that they’re doing. And it is about ensuring employee happiness and satisfaction, especially in the climate in which we currently find ourselves—this is all the more critical.

Why Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

You may be wondering why to dedicate an entire day to employee appreciation. Effective employers understand the importance of recognizing and appreciating their employees daily, so why single out a specific day? While employees should be appreciated more frequently than just on a particular day, it often serves as a morale boost to emphasize your appreciation of the work that your team does on Employee Appreciation Day.

This is your opportunity to set a positive and productive tone. And this is your chance to show your people how valued they are and what that means for the company as a whole. In other words, you are letting them know that their work really is what keeps the company going strong.

A Few Facts About Employee Satisfaction

Some things you may not have realized about employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

– In recent polls, just over 30% of employees said they were engaged with the company.

– Nearly 70% say that they do not feel fully appreciated.

– 73% of employees answered that they are currently considering leaving their jobs.

– A highly engaged workforce is over 20% more profitable than a workforce that is not engaged.

These numbers are essential. They suggest significant trends in today’s workforce. They let employers know what may be happening, what feelings may be present amongst their team, and what might lay ahead if things don’t change.

Ways to Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day

What can you do on Employee Appreciation Day to show your staff that you are invested in them and that you ultimately appreciate their efforts?

1. Recognize your employees on social media.

Your company likely has several social media accounts. Use these accounts to spotlight specific employees or your team as a whole. Give a shout-out to them, letting your followers know exactly how important your employees are to the company.

2. Sponsor a team-building event.

Get creative here. You might do an escape room together, attend a ball game, or have some form of company-wide game day. Please make it a fun and collaborative experience that brings your people together.

3. Have an office lunch or dinner.

You can go out to lunch or dinner or have it catered. Everyone loves to sit down and share a meal. The key is to treat your employees, give them time to unwind and relax, and allow them to engage with one another over a meal fully.

4. Host an office-wide awards ceremony.

And you can certainly have some fun with this one. Create awards to recognize various employee contributions. For example, you might have an award that recognizes the employee who most effectively contributes to meetings. Or a prize for the employee who serves as the best example of mentorship within the office. These are just a couple of examples. Make it specific to your workplace.

5. Have an office giveaway.

Almost like a raffle, you could pick up a few prizes and raffle them off throughout the day. Again, here is a chance to get creative. For instance, you might have a subscription box as a prize. The winner receives a year of free care packages every month. People love free stuff, and your employees will appreciate giveaway day.

Whatever you do for National Employee Appreciation Day, the key is to ensure your employees understand how important they are to the business. Gifts and dinners and outings are undoubtedly fun, but when it comes right down to it, your team wants to know that you recognize what they do and that it matters to you.

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