12 Unique Business Ideas

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Starting your own business can certainly be an exciting prospect. The thought of having a team, being your own boss, and accommodating your schedule to fit your needs-all of it is appealing to many who go into business for themselves. The key to standing out and ensuring that your new business fits a niche and fills a gap is to make it unique. What do we mean by unique? Unique might be something that no other company is currently doing. It might be a spin on a product or service that has not yet been seen. It might even be just you bringing your unique personality to bear upon the product or service you are selling. Below we offer 12 unique business ideas that could be lucrative ventures in 2022.

1. Start an online class or course. 

Most of us have a particular skill set or talent that people would love to learn more about. If you can leverage this knowledge, you might think about creating a class or a course that would appeal to a particular audience. This could very well be your unique business idea. Remote teaching and remote learning are both on the rise. Can you capitalize on that?

2. Have a cleaning service business that specializes in a specific niche.

We mean that yes, there is a host of cleaning service businesses out there, but there may not necessarily be one that services a specific type of company or even a specific item. For example, you could have a business specializing in just residential window cleaning. You could have a business that does boat cleaning. Think outside the box.

3. Create an online magazine. 

Especially if you tend to be a more creative person, starting and distributing an online zine or journal could be the perfect endeavor for you. Focus on a topic you are interested in; the more specialized your case, the easier it will be to attract an audience. You could also consider having it printed and physically distributing your magazine.

4. Become a freelance accountant. 

More and more small businesses are outsourcing various aspects of their organization. Accounting and bookkeeping are among the most widely outsourced. Working for multiple companies as a freelancer could be the perfect gig if you have accounting skills and the requisite certifications.

5. Start a T-shirt company

Again, this might be an appropriate business idea if you have a creative streak. The custom T-shirt industry is valued at over $3 billion. Do you have unique design ideas in mind? Then put them on T-shirts and sell them to customers.

6. Start a coaching business. 

Life coaches are in high demand right now. Especially now, especially as we are coming out of the pandemic, people need help. They need motivation. If you like to work with others to motivate them, then having a life coaching business could suit you.

7. Launch a podcast.

Podcasting is a hugely lucrative market right now. Over 50% of all Americans have claimed to have listened to at least one podcast. This means that numerous people are listening to podcasts regularly. If you have something interesting to say and want to share your thoughts with the world, then you should definitely consider launching a podcast.

8. Have an aerial photography business. 

Given what the real estate market is currently like, more and more people are looking for professional drone photos. While you’re going to have to invest in a reasonably decent drone, the overhead is otherwise minimal for this type of business.

9. Create a blog. 

While this is not necessarily a new business idea, it is still definitely considered unique. Everybody has something to say. People love to read interesting and entertaining blog posts. So what is it that you have to say?

10. Start an e-commerce shop.

Whether you create or resell products, the opportunities are certainly out there. Sites such as Shopify, for example, have made it easy for anyone to become an e-commerce entrepreneur.

11. Look into becoming a caregiver. 

Within the next five years, the caregiving industry is expected to boom because baby boomers are steadily aging and need home care. In some instances, you may be required to get a certification. So check and see what the requirements are for your region.

12. Become a personal shopper.

People lead hectic lives. Some don’t necessarily have time to handle their shopping. A personal shopper makes things far more convenient. If you like to shop, this could be a business idea.

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