National Doctors Day

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National Doctors Day occurs every year on March 30. It is a day to take a moment to honor those doctors who work tirelessly to help care for their patients, who attend to their patient’s well-being, and who provide preventive care for many.

If you stop and think about what the world of healthcare is like today versus what it was even 20 years ago, you’ll see that it has become far more advanced, far more complex, with numerous treatment options available. It is a doctor’s job to stay on top of these innovations and updates. It is a doctor’s job to offer their patients the latest and best possible treatment options.

National Doctors Day was first observed back in 1933. A doctor’s wife is among those who started the occasion. She wanted a day to honor the physicians who work so very hard. Often, a red carnation is used to commemorate Doctors Day. However, it wasn’t until 1991 that President George H.W. Bush made it official. This year especially after the difficulties and challenges posed by the pandemic and how doctors across the world rose to the occasion, it is so important to honor and say thank you to those doctors who were on the front lines.

How To Observe Doctor’s Day

There are many things you can do today to show the doctors of the world that you are aware of what they do and the sacrifices they make.

  • Say thank you. Thank you goes a long way. For the doctors in your life, taking a moment to either say thank you or send an email or text perhaps to let them know that you recognize their hard work could be a genuinely significant gesture.
  • Post about it on social media. We all have social media accounts in one form or another. Why not create a position to raise awareness for today. Encourage your friends and followers to do the same.
  • If you are your doctor, share your experiences. Many people don’t truly understand what a doctor does on a given day or what their work is really like. Tell your story on Doctors Day. Let others see into your world for a moment.
  • Bring your doctor’s office breakfast. Who doesn’t love coffee and a muffin in the morning? Surprise your doctor with ta special Doctors Day breakfast.

The important thing about today is that you take time to consider doctors and their contributions. Where would you be? Where would we all be if not for the doctors in our lives? They make a significant difference in this world, so we have National Doctors Day.

Fast Facts About Doctors in the US

Some things you may not know about doctors in this country:

  • Currently, there are just over one million physicians in the United States.
  • New York, Texas, and California have the most doctors.
  • Female physicians on average still make less than their male counterparts.
  • Family medicine is still the most popular specialty for doctors. Followed closely by internal medicine.
  • The growth rate for this profession is slower than in many other occupations. Some fear that there may be a physician shortage in years to come.
  • 14% of doctors identify as LGBT.

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