National Caregivers Day

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February 18 is National Caregivers Day. What exactly is a caregiver? A caregiver is someone who, whether in a home setting or perhaps a hospice, provides personal care in the form of both physical and emotional assistance to people who need it. While generally, people associate caregivers with those who tend to the needs of the elderly, caregivers work with other individuals and those who require exceptional support.

Generally speaking, caregivers fall into two different categories: family caregivers and professional caregivers. A professional caregiver is hired to take care of another person. Professional caregivers can work independently or be part of a firm or agency.

Family caregivers often volunteer their time and effort and are not paid for their services. On the other hand, a family caregiver is usually a relative who will assist someone in need. Today, on National Caregivers Day, what might you do to give thanks to those who work in this field and help draw attention to the needs of caregivers around the country?

Show Your Thanks to Caregivers

The Baby Boomer population is aging, and more require a caregiver in some form or another. Ten thousand people a day are currently turning 65. By 2024, estimates suggest that over 150 million Americans will require some form of emotional and physical support. The people who work in the caregiving field often do so without a great deal of recognition or thanks. So on National Caregivers Day, you have an excellent opportunity to express your appreciation to this otherwise unheralded group of workers.

1. Post about National Caregivers Day on social media. Not many people are aware that February 18 marks this particular occasion. You can show your support and get the word out by using hashtags and relevant captions.
2. Donate to a worthy cause in the name of the caregiver. As mentioned, caregivers are often unsung heroes. By donating to a cause of your choosing and doing so in the name of a dedicated caregiver, you can help make a difference.
3. Give a caregiver a gift. A small gesture, a gift card, or perhaps a book can be a thoughtful way to commemorate National Caregivers Day and let a caregiver know that you appreciate their hard work.
4. If you know a caregiver, help them out for the day. Caregivers work long hours, and family caregivers generally don’t get paid for their hours taking care of someone else. They are helping them out for the day, perhaps by doing their laundry, cooking a meal, or taking care of their dog, while simple gestures could mean a great deal in the life of a caregiver.

National Caregiver Day is a great time to recognize the people who work in this industry, support and help people in need, and dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others.

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