How Can Presidents’ Day Pay Off For Your Business?

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The good thing about Presidents’ Day is that unlike some more significant holidays such as Christmas or Easter, there isn’t much hoopla surrounding this particular holiday. And yet, savvy shoppers are well aware that there are bargains and are thus searching for them. This is why for small businesses especially, Presidents’ Day is a great time to get a bit creative in your marketing endeavors. How can you attract more shoppers this Presidents’ Day? How can you generate additional sales? This article offers ten ways to take advantage of Presidents’ Day and help boost that bottom line.

1. If you are a restaurant or bar, why not have a special Presidents’ Day menu item. 

Here is where you can truly get creative. Serve something American-themed. Have a red, white, and blue specialty of the day. How about trying a red, white, and blue colored cocktail? You really can have some fun with this.

2. Go red, white, and blue for Presidents’ day. 

Doing up your storefront in red, white, and blue or even changing up your website for the day in line with these colors will help get you noticed. Presidents’ Day, after all, is about the USA.

3. Make Presidents’ Day longer than just a day.

You can start your holiday promotions before the actual day and extend that promotion beyond Presidents’ Day. Make it a weeklong event to be sure customers have an opportunity to take advantage of your sales.

4. Give back on Presidents’ Day. 

People like to do business with companies that are invested in their communities and are thus giving back somehow. If you have a special promotion, you might want to advertise that a portion of the proceeds from those sales will go to a specific cause.

5. Have a president-themed contest. 

Presidential trivia, anyone? Whether it is a trivia contest or some other form of president-themed competition, this is a great way to get customers involved and engage with them. Here is where you can have some fun with this holiday.

6. Use this opportunity to get rid of old inventory. 

Presidents’ Day gives you an excuse to significantly slash prices on items that perhaps have not moved in a while. This way, you are giving customers a bargain, and at the same time, you’re clearing out old inventory and making space for new.

7. Have a party. 

Who said Presidents’ Day couldn’t be about parties? Play some patriotic music in your store. Have sales associates dress up accordingly. Offer treats and beverages. Get into the spirit here, and you might be surprised at how many additional customers you attract.

8. Have a fun fact board.

There’s a lot that people don’t know about US presidents. You can create a special trivia section either on your website or your store. Look for obscure facts about some of the more notable presidents and post “did you know” type content.

9. Run a contest on social media.

After all, your social media accounts are a terrific opportunity to engage with customers in real-time. Hosting an online Facebook or Instagram contest is a fun form of engagement and can draw more attention to your company. Here is yet another critical channel on which you can run a game of some form.

10. Talk about causes and stances that are important to you. 

The presidents of the US have certainly been advocates of specific positions and causes. Why not voice your opinion and concern this Presidents’ Day? Show your customers a little about your passions.

Presidents’ Day truly is a great time to get a bit inventive with your marketing strategies and find ways to bring more people in. Also, you can update your website and social media pages in honor of Presidents’ Day – this is likely to get some additional attention.

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