National Ag (Agriculture) Day

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What is National Ag Day meant to celebrate? It is a day to recognize the importance of agriculture, its role in our lives, and how it sustains the nation. Multiple sectors and businesses join in on this day to pay homage to the agricultural industry and what it represents in America. Primarily, National Ag Day is about awareness. So many people take agriculture and what we get from it for granted. We often overlook the contributions of American farmers and those working within the agricultural industry. National Ag Day is a perfect time to step back and reevaluate your views regarding the farm industry and how important it truly is to this country.

Some Key Agricultural Statistics

Did you know that one American farmer feeds 165 people in the U.S. on average? Did you also know that agriculture is about more than just what we eat? It is also about what we wear, things that we use, and the resources we need to function on a day-to-day basis.

National Ag Day was started by the Agriculture Council of America (ACA). This nonprofit organization consists of agricultural leaders from across the country whose goal is to increase awareness of the farming industry and enhance the recognition that people in this sector get.

Agriculture is the largest employer in the world. There are nearly one billion acres of farmland in the U.S. alone, with beef farms being among the largest sector of the agricultural industry in the United States. The average farm size in this country is just under 450 acres. A single acre of land can grow approximately 50k pounds of strawberries—that is something to think about.

How Small Businesses Can Contribute on National Ag Day

So what can you do as a small business on National Ag Day to help raise awareness about agriculture in the United States?

1. Host an Ag Day meal for your team and even invite some customers. Be it a big farm-inspired breakfast or lunch. This is a chance to gather people to share a meal and celebrate what goes into making that meal, namely the agricultural industry.

2. Take the time to tour a local farm. You’d be surprised at how much people don’t know about what goes on at a local farm. Taking part of the day and some of your staff members to visit such a farm and understand more about how they operate and how they impact your local economy really can be an eye-opening experience.

3. Remind your legislature about the importance of agriculture. Calling or writing your local legislative office and emphasizing how important farming initiatives are to your community shows that you respect and appreciate all farmers do. You have a chance this National Ag Day to make your voice heard.

4. Post about the day on social media. Tied to your brand, a post can go a long way toward drumming up support for the agricultural industry. You are showing your followers critical ways in which farming and agriculture connect to what you do, to what everyone does. Offer statistics and meaningful facts about farming in America. Post pictures of farming scenes and other such images. Even create an agriculture trivia contest if you’re so inclined.

5. Interview a farmer or rancher and share their story. Whether you share this on your website or social media accounts, offering firsthand insight into what a farmer does or a rancher will help that person connect to a broader audience, making them more relatable to populations who might not understand this particular world. It will help create bridges that could open people’s eyes to what agriculture is all about.

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