Marketing Tips for Your Beauty Salon

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Beauty salons can certainly be lucrative businesses. Across the country, people visit salons on a daily basis. All told, the beauty salon business is over a $500 billion industry in this country. This means, if you do own and operate a salon, you’re in a great position to capitalize on growing trends and an enhanced interest in self-care. So how do you draw customers in?

In this article, we take a look at some effective marketing ideas that can help you position your beauty salon in the most optimal way possible. It’s about staying ahead of the competition. It’s about enticing potential patrons. Marketing and advertising for your beauty salon have to be a priority. Otherwise, potential customers will never know who you are and will likely go elsewhere for their beauty needs.

Offer a salon giveaway

It can’t be said enough… People love free stuff. With your beauty salon, you have an opportunity to market promos and giveaways and thus attract more customers. You could, for instance, give away a free haircut if a client refers you to friends or family. You could also do a free blowout after a certain number of visits. Think creatively about what promotion or freebie you would like to offer.

Promote your business on social media

This is where you can really get super creative with your marketing. Some beauty salons will offer incentives for clients to post “after pics.” This is not only great marketing for your beauty salon, but it also shows people exactly what you have to offer. Happy clients, particularly those who share on Instagram or Facebook, are the best testimonials that you can have. Beyond getting clients to post on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, or Instagram for your beauty salon, you also need to maintain your own account pages. Consistency is key. Posting daily will help you more effectively market your business.

Attend local events

As you are a beauty salon, you are likely most interested in clientele within your community. Becoming active in the community is only going to help you in the long run. You can join various community groups; you should also join your local Chamber of Commerce. When it comes to the neighborhood level, networking is going to be absolutely key for your beauty salon business.

Create video content for your beauty salon

Marketing on social media is one thing, you also want to be creating videos that spotlight certain features of your business. You can post on TikTok or YouTube, and you will start to see results. It doesn’t cost a great deal of money either to create a professional-looking video. There are numerous video platforms and editing sites that enable even a novice to develop a video that is worthy of a brand.

Start a blog

People are always interested in learning how to do something. As far as a beauty salon, you could write a blog that offers a series of how-to articles. “How to maintain your manicure” or “how to prevent split ends.” There is an endless array of topics from which to choose. Not only is a blog informative and thus helpful to people, but it is also great for SEO purposes.

Be a trendsetter

Style is all about trends. Hairstyles are no different. As a beauty salon owner, you have to not only stay on top of the trends, but it will also help you to set some trends. Create new hairstyles. Experiment with highlights and color. Do amazing things with manicures. Think outside the box here. What sorts of beauty trends are likely to “go viral“?

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