Today is one workday that many people look forward to. It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. Why do we love bringing our best furry friend to work? Well, for many it’s a time to introduce their pet to their coworkers. It’s a time to be that proud pet parent. And it’s a time to enjoy the company of your pooch while you do a day’s work.

The Origins of Take Your Dog to Work Day

This day actually started back in 1999. And yes, it’s about bringing your pet to your place of employment and sharing the love, but it’s also about increasing awareness for pet adoption around the country. Did you know there are over 4 million dogs in shelters per year? The animal rescue business is unfortunately booming. Which is why getting people to think about pet adoptions is so important, especially on a day like national Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Some Quick Dog Facts:

  • For 30 years in a row, the Labrador Retriever has been listed as the most popular breed in this country.
  • Nearly 65 million households in the country own a dog.
  • The pet industry in general is worth over $70 billion.
  • According to a recent survey, 45% of dogs sleep in their owners’ beds.
  • It’s been discovered that blood pressure goes down when you pet a dog.

It’s easy to see, that dogs are incredibly popular in the United States. And the pet industry in and of itself is one of the most all-encompassing. Days such as Take Your Dog to Work Day are no-brainers for many companies. Employers want to keep their people happy. Having special days like today is one such way of doing so.

The Benefits of Dog Ownership

For pet lovers out there, good news, owning a dog has numerous benefits — both physical and emotional. Among some of the primary benefits of owning a dog:

Pets get you exercising

What many of us discovered during the pandemic was that walking our dogs became one of our favorite past times. In fact, dog owners are more likely to meet the daily requirements for exercise than non-dog owners.

Dogs lower your stress levels

Studies have found that people who own dogs suffer from depression less. They have less anxiety. And having a pet can elevate levels of serotonin which leads to feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Pets can lower the number of doctor visits you have

Particularly true of those who are over 65, studies have found that those people who do have dogs make 30% fewer visits to their doctors.

A dog can help you be more social

That’s true! Dogs are definitely conducive to starting new friendships. You can potentially meet people at a dog park, or while on a walk or on a hike; having a dog is a great way to build relationships.

Dogs give you more structure

Dogs are creatures of habit and as such need routines. This in turn, compels their owner to stay on a routine which adds structure to one’s day. And for many people, structure can be a very good thing.

Pets provide companionship

Perhaps the number one reason why people get a pet in the first place: companionship. When you care for an animal, you naturally gain the sense of being needed and wanted. For many individuals, these feelings help fill a void and thus having a pet helps to fill a void.

Today is all about bringing your best friend to work to meet the people you deal with every single day. Make sure they’re on their best behavior. Bring a few extra treats. And prepare them for a day full of cuddles and pets.

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