Getting Started with Pinterest for Business

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While there are many platforms that you can use for your business, knowing which social media channels and digital venues to employ for your company is critical. You need to know which platforms are designed for your industry. In other words, you need to understand which channels will target the right audience. And it would help if you had insight into how exactly to utilize the platforms best to maximize your time and money. In this article, we take a look at Pinterest for business.

Why Pinterest? For specific business types and industries, Pinterest can drive a ton of traffic to your site and your company. But again, it’s about understanding how to best use this particular channel to your advantage.

Some Pinterest for Business Basics

Pinterest offers various categories, from crafting to recipes to home improvement. Keep in mind that Pinterest users are primarily female, with 81% of women having some Pinterest engagement. Of those members, it is estimated that just over 2 million will pin items daily. Again, in many ways, Pinterest is niche-specific, so you want to ensure that it is appropriate for your business and thus not wasting your time.

When you start with Pinterest for business, you want to set up a business account versus a personal one. Business accounts allow you access to critical features such as analytics. And analytics, in turn, give you invaluable data that you can use to finetune your Pinterest campaigns and also to help with your overall marketing strategy.

Benefits of Pinterest for Business

So why should you be on this particular channel? Why start a Pinterest account for your company in the first place…

1. Pinterest is visual. And depending on your industry, a graphic can be an excellent thing. Let’s say, for example. You’re an interior design firm. People are going to want to see examples of your work. They’re going to want photos of stunning spaces and amazing makeovers. Not every social media platform allows you to do this. But Pinterest is specific to creating visual experiences for users.

2. Pinterest can boost your brand. According to some surveys, users say that they discovered new brands via Pinterest. There are ways that you can increase brand exposure using specific Pinterest tools. Any way that you take advantage of this platform, you are sure to help expand your brand’s reach.

3. Pinterest is used in purchasing decisions. More people are going to Pinterest, especially for home goods and things of that nature, before pulling the trigger on a purchase. This is one reason so many businesses are now using this platform.

4. Pinterest allows for user engagement. Buyers want to interact with the companies that they buy from. They want to know that there are human beings on the other side of the logo. Pinterest helps to humanize your business. And at the same time, you can interact with users through various Pinterest tools.

5. Pinterest allows for instructional content. Surveys suggest that 85% of Pinterest users say the site/platform helps them learn new things. As a social media marketer using Pinterest, your content should include some instructional components. This way, you do maximize your time on the platform.

It can be not very clearly trying to figure out which social media sites and channels your company should be using. Taking advantage of Pinterest for business is one that you may want to investigate closely, especially if you’re in the home-improvement industry, the design industry, the food and beverage business, or any such sector that could benefit from the visual channel the Pinterest gives you.

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