How to Advertise Your Salon and Spa

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The beauty and wellness industries are big businesses. It seems that every day—even in this current climate—more and more salons and spas are opening. People like to pamper themselves; they want to spend money on things of this nature, things that matter to them. And when it comes to focusing on well-being and self-care, this is, of course, important to so many. If you are thinking of starting a salon/spa or currently have one and are stuck on ideas regarding how to advertise best and market your business, we can help!

Given how competitive and crowded the industry is, you have to find ways to get creative with your efforts when it comes to salon marketing. The same-old-same-old is simply not going to cut it. Keep in mind. We live in a digital age and a review-driven world. This means that word of mouth alone goes a long way. You want to stay on top of those reviews and feedback—respond, respond, respond, and in the face of negative comments, don’t get defensive; be diplomatic in your responses to any reviews—even the less than glowing ones.

So what are some sound marketing tactics to get your salon and spa out in front of, well, everyone? Below we list 4 surefire strategies for marketing your business and actually getting it in front of those consumers who are most likely to become clients.

Marketing Matters: How to Grow Your Salon Business

You’ve spent a ton of time and money making your business look amazing. Your customer service is down to a science, and your team is on the same page. Everything is as it should be. Except, your marketing initiatives may not precisely be doing you any favors. Again, creativity counts here. Your marketing does matter.

1) Come up with a killer promo or discount. People love free or discounted stuff–this goes without saying. One of the most effective ways to advertise your salon is to present a giveaway or freebie, for example, on social media. You could give a gift set of products away in a social media-based drawing in which the users have to tag themselves at your venue or using your products. You might market a free haircut with the purchase of another salon service. Think outside the box and come up with something customers will love—and talk about!

2) Hold an event and advertise it all over the internet. Client appreciation events can be pretty popular and can go a long way in attracting clientele. Customers feel good when you show that you appreciate them. You could even do a virtual event if the situation works better for you.

3) Show your community spirit. Your salon/spa business is a part of the community. So what better way to get the word out than to participate in that community. This can be done in various ways—from participating in festivals to sponsoring local sports teams to work for local charities. People like to engage with companies that give back; start with your community when it comes to getting involved and giving back somehow.

4) Offer a class. This is a win-win as far as marketing for salons and spas. You could teach the class after hours at your venue. You could also partner with a local school/college. In this way, you establish yourself as an authority and hence, someone people in the neighborhood want to work with.

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