How Do You Know It’s Time to Update Your Small Business’s Website? 

An age old question that baffles many entrepreneurs…Once upon a time you spent countless hours and probably a decent amount of money creating the perfect website to promote your company. The shiny new website was likely your pride and joy, and you showed it off to anyone who asked…or didn’t ask. Like anything that is new, however, it eventually grows old and as a result, gets neglected. Think of a new car, a new house, new clothes. The excitement inevitably wears off. Same goes for your small business website.

The problem is that you simply cannot afford to neglect your website—not if you want that website to get traffic and ultimately convert leads to sales. A website needs nurturing and attention. And a website also needs updating. How do you know when to update your site? Great question! Below we break down the top four ways you know that it’s probably time to update or even replace your current website.

1. It’s visually lacking

Websites change. Color palettes evolve. Graphic concepts reflect modern trends. A website that is ten years old, likely looks ten years old. Just think about interior design for example; you can look at a house from the 1990s and easily recognize how dated it is. This is also true of a website. If your site was created way back in 2007, and hasn’t been touched since, users will be able to tell.

The visual appeal is probably just not there any longer. Users are attracted to images, to colors, to things that the eye can see and which consequently appeal to that eye. Look at your competitors’ websites. Take some cues from them, or from any websites that seem particularly attractive to you.

2. It’s not optimized for mobile devices

There was a time when the computer was king when it came to website viewing. This is certainly not the case any longer. Most people actually take to their phones to check out a website upon first glance. And if your site is not optimized for mobile devices, this could be catastrophic for you. You have one chance to make a first impression. If your site comes up glitchy on a phone or is difficult to navigate via mobile device, a user will look elsewhere, guaranteed.

3. SEO is nonexistent

A huge part of modern website creation is SEO integration. In other words, your website should include relevant SEO practices and strategies that help you get found by the search engines. If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, then your rankings are probably quite abysmal. Plus, it is key for just about every site that there is an integrated blog when it comes to SEO practices. Does your current site have a blog? If not, it is definitely time to update things.

4. It is not responsive or user-friendly

Users want sites that are easy to navigate and that respond promptly. If someone has to wait minutes for a page to appear, an image to load, a checkout to be completed, they are going to get frustrated. And frustration inevitably leads to someone looking elsewhere for what they need—meaning, to your competitors. Ideally, you can hire someone who is an expert in website design in order to ensure optimal user-friendliness and responsiveness—this may be beyond your skillset if you are not a web developer/designer.

First Union Works with Small Business Owners

If you need money to update your current site, we can help. Website redesign can be quite costly, however in the long run, it can also be quite profitable for your business. We offer fast and flexible loan options. Even if your credit is less than stellar you may still qualify. Call today! 

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