Good Friday Marketing Ideas

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Good Friday offers small businesses opportunities to hold sales, show promotions, and create various campaigns that spotlight certain products or services. You can take advantage of people having the day off and consequently wanting to shop on Good Friday. People may be looking to utilize their tax refunds or prepare for the warmer weather. We have compiled a list of some Good Friday marketing ideas that might serve your company well. Keep reading to find out more!

Make Your Website Easter Sunday Ready

Hand-in-hand with Good Friday is of course Easter Sunday. Easter is commonly associated with Spring, with bright and pastel colors, with happy and more fun images. Why not make your website reflective of this? Create a home page that reflects that Easter mood so that as soon as users come up on your landing page they have that holiday, festive spirit in mind.

Have a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

You can start this promotion on Good Friday and extend it through Easter Sunday. “Hide“ various Easter eggs throughout your social media accounts, on your website, and even on your LinkedIn page. Get creative with this promotion, and you might just be surprised at the response that you do get. For each Easter egg found and consequently reported back to you, you can offer a prize by way of a discount or a buy one get one free item if you so choose.

Have a Social Media Take Over on Good Friday

Especially if you are connected with an influencer, you might want to allow them to take over your social media channels for the day. And while this certainly can be done for essentially any event or occasion, why not try it on Good Friday and see what type of results you get.

Have a Photo Contest on Instagram

You can do this on basically any social media channel, but Instagram lends itself particularly well to photo contests. Ask users to create their most inspired Easter photo. They can then post it on their account and tag you in it. The photo contest winners could get some prizes.

Spotlight Easter Themed Products

By bundling products that are somehow associated with Easter or even just with Spring, for example, you have a more targeted sales campaign that will appeal to audiences looking specifically for Good Friday deals. This also helps create more of a sense of urgency for people shopping either in your store or online.

Create an Easter Poll

Especially if you make it fun and straightforward, people will participate. For instance, you might ask, “what is your favorite Easter candy?” The choices could range from jellybeans to peeps. This is just a simple yet fun way to engage users and appeal to potential customers.

Hire a Giant Easter Bunny

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop or are attending or hosting some event on Good Friday or Easter Sunday, you might consider bringing the bunny. Who doesn’t love a giant bunny character? Having an employee or hiring someone to don a bunny costume will make for a good time. If nothing else, it will undoubtedly get peoples’ attention.

This time of year is always a good time to do something special by advertising and marketing your small business. People are in the mindset of Spring; they are emerging from winter’s hibernation. Offering some fun and inventive ways for them to interact with your business is only going to be a win-win.

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