Does Your Small Business Need a Facebook Page?

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Does it seem like every other business except yours has a Facebook page? Did you ever wonder if you actually should get a FB page? If you’re asking yourself these questions, then it is probably time to create that ever-important Business Facebook page for your company.

You may be wondering what value a Facebook page has, especially if yours is a smaller business. Smaller businesses benefit from FB pages, perhaps even more than larger companies. It’s not hard to figure out that having a business Facebook page will help you expand your reach and get out in front of an audience tailored to your niche than general marketing alone can accomplish. If you want to know some of the other reasons it is so crucial for small businesses to have Facebook pages, keep reading!

5 Reasons You Need a Business Facebook Page

1. Get to Know Your Audience

You probably have some general knowledge about your target audience: who they are, their geographic location, maybe something about their income level. But do you have some of those more personal details that can help you finetune your marketing materials? Things such as their interests, online habits, and buying patterns are key. Much of this can be gained from Facebook. Facebook insights can help to make you an expert on your target audience.

2. Create a Stronger Sense of Community

What is Facebook if not one giant community? Creating a business FB page and encouraging people to follow you develops your community within Facebook’s universe. One of the intents of your Facebook page should be to bring people together—customers, team members, and people from similar niches. When all of these different individuals come together and share ideas, posts, and comments, it establishes the foundation of a community.

3. Directly Interact with Customers

Never underestimate the value of social media for interacting with your customers. A business FB page lets you see their comments and reviews and respond directly. This shows that you are listening and not just a company, but you’re human. In other words, people want to know that they’re dealing with people. You can even use Facebook to engage on various topics, not necessarily just those related to a customer review or purchase. Get creative!

4. Keep Up with the Competition

Let’s face it, a massive part of a business’s success is keeping pace (if not overtaking) the competition. The odds are pretty good that your competitors have Facebook pages. If your competitors draw in customers under their FB interactions, you lose those customers you could have otherwise had a shot. It is a matter of strategy for advertising and social media marketing in many ways.

5. Offer a Daily Reminder that You Are There

Customers need multiple interactions and reminders before pulling the trigger and purchasing a product/service. FB gives you a way to get in front of them every day. If a user follows you, you will come up in their feed (as long as you post regularly). FB is a way for you to be proactive and thereby stay at the forefront of a consumer’s mind.

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