Attracting New Patients to Your Medical Practice 

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On average, a thriving medical practice is recommended to see anywhere from 30 to 40 new patients per month. The key, however, is attracting those new patients. There seem to be more and more medical practices popping up daily—even in some of the country’s smaller towns and more rural areas. As with many industries, competition is challenging when it comes to healthcare.

So what can you do to boost business? How can you outshine your competitors and get more patients to sign on as your patients? Healthcare marketing is essential. While many medical practices focus more on the logistics of running the course, treating patients, and offering top-notch care (undoubtedly all critical), healthcare marketing also needs to be a part of your agenda items. Healthcare marketing can mean the difference between having a robust medical practice and one that may have to shut its doors. But what exactly does healthcare marketing entail? Keep reading to find out more.

1) Have a well-trained team.

Yes, you are a medical practice and treat patients, but customer service is a part of the equation. Everyone who works for you—from your administrative assistants to your nurses and PAs—needs to be on the same page regarding customer service. Poor customer service leads to unimpressed customers, leading to less than stellar reviews. Medical practices can suffer (or benefit) from reviews just like any other business. This is why ensuring your staff knows how to engage and interact with patients properly is essential.

2) Have a responsive website.

Today, everyone loves the convenience of accessing medical records, making appointments, and requesting prescription refills online. Is your medical office set up to accommodate this online level of comfort? If not, it may be time to hire a web development team to speed you up to speed. You also want to make sure that your practice’s site is easy to navigate and informative. People often turn to physicians or medical websites for healthcare-related information; ensure your site is populated accordingly.

3) Interact with your community.

Finding ways to connect with your community will give you a more noticeable presence within that community, which could ideally lead to more patients. This can be accomplished in several ways, from hosting seminars and webinars on relevant medical topics to offering community clinics. The more you connect with the people you want to attract as patients, the better your chances of having them come to you.

4) Make sure you are keeping up with technology.

Especially in the medical profession, the latest cutting-edge technology is essential for purposes of diagnosis as well as preventive healthcare. If your medical practice is behind the times, potential patients will be turned off. They want to know they’re getting the best healthcare possible, which means offering them the latest in healthcare tech.

5) Have enough staff.

People’s patience runs short. If they are kept waiting for hours, they will make their displeasure known, and again this could take the form of negative reviews. Negative reviews, of course, do nothing to help you get new patients into your practice. Ensure you have an adequate number of people to attend to the patients you have and do so promptly.

6) Use email marketing and social media.

Just because you’re a medical office does not mean you can’t utilize digital resources and email to help you market more effectively. People love when healthcare professionals post helpful information on various social media channels. Establishing a consistent online presence will only help your practice in the long run.

7) Look for media exposure opportunities.

Have you and your staff done anything newsworthy? Or worthy of a local human interest piece? Capitalizing on this and getting a bit of media coverage to this end can be incredibly helpful for getting new patients through the doors.

8) Follow up diligently with patients.

Patients want to know that they’re more than just a face in the crowd. They want to be necessary, and they want to see that you care about their well-being—this is why follow-up is so crucial in the medical field. People then feel looked after and cared for, and this goes a long way as far as showing the type of medical practice you are. They will be far more inclined to speak highly of you and potentially refer your services.

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