5 Ways to Improve Your Funeral Home Marketing

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When it comes to funeral home marketing, the nuances of what is involved can be trickier than with other forms of business marketing. Everyone, of course, needs this service, but how do you market tastefully and in a way that remains sensitive to the industry and what it represents for people?

Within the funeral home sector, it seems that new competition is emerging daily. Marketing is, therefore, a must. So how do you go about strengthening any marketing campaign you already have in place? What types of channels can you market your funeral home on? And how should you craft the messaging to appeal to people who don’t necessarily want to purchase your services? Instead, they have to.

In this article, we take a look at five of the more popular funeral home marketing trends that enable business owners in this industry better to control the results of their advertising and marketing initiatives.

Funeral Home Marketing Basics

Some things to keep in mind if you are a funeral homeowner and are looking to revamp your current marketing campaign:

• Versus even just five years ago, nearly every US funeral home has a website

• In 2021, the funeral home industry was a $16 billion industry in this country

• Funeral home sales are primarily driven by competition

• Nearly 25,000 morticians are working in the US today

This adds up that you need to get your funeral home in front of people through an effective marketing campaign. If you are not doing much by way of advertising, you are only hurting yourself and your business.

1) Invest in content marketing

If you are like most funeral homeowners, you are likely too busy to handle all of your marketing on your own, much less dive into the world of content marketing (if you already haven’t). Hiring a content specialist to help you here could be a significant investment for your firm. Content managers can assist with social media marketing, blog post-management, and any other facet of online marketing that you think might help your funeral home. The cost of hiring a content marketing staffer may be cost-prohibitive. This is why looking into a business loan is a brilliant idea. You get the money needed to bring a content marketing specialist on board and reap the rewards of increased exposure.

2) Think about increasing the personalization factor

There is increasing demand for the elements of a funeral to be highly personal. From enabling people to publish stories of their loved ones on various social media pages to offering non secular funerals in-house to have more flexible, less traditional funeral service options, funeral homes cater to changing tastes and needs regarding what people want to see for their loved ones. Think of creative ways to offer personalization services, and then be sure to advertise this.

3) Up your SEO game

One of the more common ways people find a funeral home is through online searches. Indeed, referrals and word of mouth are essential, especially in smaller towns and communities. Still, online searches are becoming just as famous for people to locate a funeral home of interest. What do your current SEO efforts look like? Where do you come up in the rankings when people search? If your search ranking results are abysmal, it may be time to hire someone to help. An SEO expert familiar with using keywords, links, and geographic tags effectively can help you boost your ranking position in a few weeks. This is one area where getting a business line of credit to help offset the cost of hiring an SEO specialist really could result in a robust ROI.

4) Revisit your website

Their website’s overall appearance and user-friendliest for many funeral homes may be somewhat neglected. Your website has to be up to par for you to remain competitive; there is no way around this. Take a look at some competitors’ websites. What do they do well? After viewing these, think about how you might improve your own and thus make it more modern. Again, this is one area in which spending some money indeed will pay off in the end.

5) Think about sponsorship opportunities

Most often, a funeral home’s business will come from the local community. Getting involved in that community via sponsorship opportunities really can help you get your organization in front of people. You might sponsor a local sports team by purchasing their uniforms. You could also donate money toward the programs for a community concert or some other such event.

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