World Plumbing Day

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Today marks World Plumbing Day. It is a day that’s celebrated around the world. Plumbing is about more than just fixing leaks and installing bathroom faucets. It’s about ensuring safe water and healthy sanitation conditions. There are numerous small plumbing businesses around the US, and today is a great day to acknowledge those plumbing companies.

So what can you, as a small business owner, do to commemorate World Plumbing Day? Below, we offer a few ideas for ways in which you can mark this day and, consequently, those plumbers who work so hard to keep things running smoothly while ensuring that our homes and buildings get fresh water and adequate sanitation.

How to Celebrate World Plumbing Day

First off, one thing you might do is stop and think about how plumbing does affect your life. Many of us take for granted the significant role that plumbing facilities play in our homes, schools, and workplaces. If not for safe and effective plumbing practices, think of what we could be subjected to by way of germs and diseases.

Some countries don’t necessarily have clean water or functioning toilets. You might also consider what developing countries face in terms of insufficient plumbing. You might even investigate organizations trying to make a difference in world health care by improving plumbing practices and resources in other parts of the world. Some other things that you might do this World Plumbing Day:

1. Support local workers.

Plumbers work hard. They don’t necessarily need people who, in any way, shape or form, diminish or denigrate their job. Simply acknowledging the efforts of your local plumbers and plumbing companies can go a long way.

2. Thank your local plumber.

By the same token, beyond just recognizing the hard work that plumbers do, you could take a moment to thank your plumber. Everybody likes to be told that they are doing a good job and that their work is appreciated. Especially for plumbers, a simple thank you can brighten up their day.

3. Donate to a plumbing-related organization.

Several organizations specifically address the plumbing needs of developing countries. Such organizations include Plumbers Without Borders as well as the Water Project. Do some research. Find a charity, cause, or organization that speaks to you and donate.

4. Schedule a routine check of your plumbing system.

Just as with any mechanicals in your home or office, your plumbing system should have an annual maintenance check. This way, you catch more minor problems before they become gigantic ones, thus costly ones.

5. Shout out to plumbers on social media.

Especially as a small business owner, you can likely sympathize with many small plumbing businesses’ work. By recognizing them on your Facebook or Instagram account, giving them some attention by recognizing them is a great way to commemorate World Plumbing Day and draw some attention to small plumbing businesses in your region.

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