Why We Celebrate National Nurses Day

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Today is National Nurses Day. The day started back in 1996. Many people wanted to have a day during which people could honor and recognize those nurses who work countless hours, 365 days a year, to help people and take care of their patients. Why do we celebrate National Nurses Day…

Throughout the past couple of years, nurses have emerged as essential workers, as frontline workers in the fight to keep people healthy during an unprecedented pandemic. Today, we thank them and show our appreciation for all they have done and all they will continue to do because they are so invested in their jobs.

How to Celebrate National Nurses Day

So what could people do today to honor nurses around the country? How can we all collectively show our gratitude and appreciation?

1. Send a gift, flowers, or even a relaxation kit

Everyone loves to receive something special; gifts and appreciation tokens help brighten up a person’s day automatically. And nurses are no exception. On National Nurses Day, you might send flowers to nurses you know. You could also send some gifts or gift cards. In keeping with the spirit of the day, many people will send what is called a relaxation kit to a nurse. This might consist of a bottle of wine, some treats, a bathrobe and slippers, a candle, and a bath balm. Nurses, as mentioned, work incredibly hard. They deserve some time to relax.

2. Talk about nurses publicly

Often, so many nurses do go unheralded. They tend to remain in the “shadows.” And yet, what they do is so tremendously important to the medical field and the healthcare industry. Talking about the nurses you know with others, discussing their contributions, and raising awareness about what they do can mean a great deal. You might also post stories about some of the nurses you know on social media. Send shoutouts to extraordinary nurses. Just do what you can to let people know that National Nurses Day is a special day.

3. Have a dinner or banquet

In commemoration of National Nurses Day, many hospitals will host a dinner or spread for nurses. More petite doctor’s offices might do the same. You could even take it upon yourself to treat a nurse or nurses to dinner on this special day.

4. Say thank you

A simple thank you can go a long way, whether in person, via text, or on a card. Nurses want to know that they are recognized. They want to know that their work is essential to the public. Saying thank you expresses this in more ways than one.

Stop and Reflect on What Nurses Mean to This Country

If you take a moment today to think about what nurses do and how they provide for people in this country, you will begin to see why today is so important. Indeed, there are numerous jobs in the medical field that are crucial. However, nurses represent the backbone of this field in some ways. So on National Nurses Day, take some time to remember a nurse and if possible, to thank a nurse.

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