Why Have a Google Business Profile?

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Depending on your SEO strategy, you will likely show up in the Google rankings when somebody searches within your industry. Now, that’s not to say you’re going to show up at the top of the list, but there’s a chance you may be somewhere. It could be a very long way down, however, pages and pages down. Enter, your Google business profile.

So why do you need a Google business profile? For one, with a Google business profile, your local business listing will come up for those searching in your area. Very likely, it will be far more visible than if you were to just randomly pop up in a search on page 12 or 13. And secondly, it enhances how you appear overall on Google. We’ll talk more about that in a moment.

Everyone Searches Online Now

Yellow pages and big thick books of this nature are a thing of the past. Now when people want to find a business or service, they search online. Pretty much this is the only place they search. And more often than not, they first go to Google. With a Google business profile, you take control of how you appear in the search engine. And if any information should change such as your address or phone number, you have the ability to edit it quickly and easily as long as you have a verified Google business profile.

Everyone Tends to Leave Reviews

Well, perhaps not exactly everyone, but a lot of people do opt to leave reviews of businesses that they have frequented. With a Google business profile, you can interact with people via these reviews. What do we mean? For example, let’s say someone has come into your hair salon and has had a wonderful experience. You can encourage them to leave a review on Google. Once they have done so, you can thank them publicly by responding to that review. This paints your business in a favorable light. Do not underestimate the power of Google reviews.

By the same token, if someone has a not-so-great experience and decides to rant about it through a Google review, you can also respond to that one. And it often makes sense to do so. Be tactful about how you respond, and don’t come off as defensive.

Everyone Shops Local

During the pandemic, there was a significant shift in people trying to support their local businesses. People made earnest efforts to purchase from local businesses and shops despite buying from national chains or anonymous corporations. But how do they find these local businesses and shops? One way is through Google, of course.

If you have a Google business profile, you are far more likely to reach the top of the searches for local and area companies. And this makes it much easier for people to find you and, hopefully, patronize your business.

Everyone Likes Pictures

The great thing about having a Google business profile is that you can include pictures of your business, perhaps of your team members, examples of your products, you name it. We live in a very visually driven world. People prefer to see images before purchasing from a company. What do your photos say about your company?

With your Google business profile, to some extent, you get to control some of the images that are up there to represent your brand. This, in turn, can help you generate more leads and business.

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