The Importance of Beta Testers

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When it comes to software and app development, essentially anything can go wrong—and often does. The end goal, of course, is to create something that will help the customer and keep them engaged. But what happens when there are too many bugs? What happens when there are too many issues with the system and the user experience is not a seamless one? Beta testers are crucial to any software/ app development process.

The bottom line is quality and useability. Especially with app development, users are looking for an experience that makes their lives easier, not more complex. If there are various features of your app that aren’t working according to plan, this is only going to anger and frustrate people. And this, of course, translates to people dumping your app in favor of something else.

Enter beta testers.

What are Beta Testers?

First off, let’s define what exactly beta testers are. Beta testers are real-life users trying an app or software in development to discover bugs or issues. Beta testers come in before the actual product is launched. They will run their tests on the same hardware and networks as the final product. And in this way, they can get a true sense of how that product will perform.

Beta tests can work in one of two ways. You can have an open trial, which means that anyone can use the product. They are made aware that the product is, in fact, in the testing phase. There is also closed beta testing. In this scenario, the beta test is limited to specific beta testers.

How long your beta test runs will honestly depend on how well your product performs for the beta testers. If new issues keep popping up, if new bugs are increasingly being reported, your beta test will last a bit longer.

The Benefits of Beta Testers

So why is it a benefit to use beta testers before actually going ahead and launching your app or software?

1. Detecting Bugs

One of the key reasons companies use beta testers before launching an app or software system is to find those bugs and work them out. First impressions do count. If you put an app out into the universe with multiple problems, the first impression will be abysmal. Allowing beta testers to do their job and find those bugs and consequently report any errors or inconsistencies will only help you create a more dynamic product.

2. Testing various app features

In the concept phase, your app might seem revolutionary. Ideally, all of the different features and facets of that app will appeal to a broad audience. In reality, however, some of these features may not be all that practical. People using your app in real-time and real-life can give you greater insight into what works and what portions of your app don’t.

3. Helping rein in costs

App development, as most know, is not an inexpensive endeavor. Some apps can cost tens of thousands to create and launch, if not more. By using beta testers, you can test the app and its features without necessarily spending a ton of money. This will help you to control costs in the long run.

4. Getting some free advertising

Think of beta testing as a form of free marketing. Those chosen to test the initial version of your app or software often like to spread the word about it. You, of course, want to make sure that even the beta version of your app is at least presentable.

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