The Best US Cities in Which to Start a Small Business

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Small Business | 0 comments

There are plenty of great places in the US for those with that entrepreneurial spirit to start your new venture. Whether big cities or smaller neighborhoods, America loves small businesses and fosters that entrepreneurial drive. Did you know that small businesses comprise over half of the employers in the US? Currently, there are nearly 32 million small businesses in this country. That is a significant number and one that should be celebrated.

The past year and a half have made the climate somewhat challenging to navigate for the small business owner. The events associated with the pandemic and the economic difficulties that came with it put many at a disadvantage. And sadly, numerous small businesses had to close their doors. As the smoke clears, though, and people start to get back on their feet, we see some hope for smaller companies.

And with hope comes more entrepreneurs. Yes, that entrepreneurial spirit in America may have been temporarily dimmed but it is far from gone. The pandemic actually brought with it new chances and opportunities for business ideas. People had problems to solve and created business-worthy solutions to solve them. The key besides having a killer idea, a solid business plan, and the resources to launch, among other things, in many cases is the location. Where someone decides to start a small business is pretty important as there are certain cities in the US that are more conducive to small business success than others. Below we touch upon a few of the better cities in which to start a small business.

1) Durham, North Carolina

Not only is the southeastern part of the country known for its vacation destinations and low country boils, but some great hubs foster smaller businesses here, and Durham happens to be one of them. Durham is attractive because of its overall business environment and access to resources—after all, you have UNC and Duke University right there, meaning a great talent pool.

2) Austin, TX

Frequently making lists of this nature, Austin is a great place to start pretty much any business. It has one of the country’s lowest tax rates, which helps its case. Plus, Austin is now known as something of a tech hub which tends to attract younger professionals. Resources abound here.

3) Boise, ID

Why? Because Boise is rich in tech and is also an increasingly diverse city. According to Inc., Boise is in the top five in its “Surge Cities,”; meaning Idaho’s capital city is on the rise! Perhaps an unexpected pick for some, but Boise does make sense as an excellent place for a startup.

4) Irving, TX

Not entirely known for its hipness like Austin is, Irving is an up-and-comer in its own right. As far as starting a business here, the area could not be perfect. There are low tax rates, more and more tech companies are operating in Irving, and because the housing market here is more competitive than in some other cities in Texas, more people seem to be flocking to the region.

5) Tampa, FL

The southeastern city of Tampa is beautiful for entrepreneurs for several reasons. Tampa is known as something of an incubator for business ideas. In the past year, some significant recognition to this end has come Tampa’s way, which is why it is increasingly making lists of the “best places to start a small business.”

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