National Skilled Trades Day

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Celebrated the first Wednesday in May, National Skilled Trades Day was first established in 2019. National Skilled Trades Day is intended to increase awareness about what skilled workers do in the United States. And also to create a day during which people could show their appreciation for professional tradesmen and women in this country.

Skilled trades workers are essential workers. In many ways, they keep things running; they keep things from breaking down; they keep systems flowing. Whether working within a residential setting, an office, or a manufacturing setting, the people who perform skilled trades undertake numerous critical tasks and jobs. Skilled trades workers are involved in construction. They are engaged in the mechanical industry. Professional tradespeople work in hospitals, food and beverage, hospitality, and many other industry sectors. Today is the day that we honor these workers across the country.

What is a Skilled Trade?

So what exactly constitutes a skilled trade? A skilled trade will be a job that requires a particular skill set or ability. Generally speaking, these are hands-on jobs. National Skilled Trades Day is a great time to explore further what skilled tradespeople do. Among some of the more common professional trade careers in this country are:

Construction workers, such as a carpenter or masons



Automotive mechanic

Aviation technician

Heavy equipment operator

Animal caretaker



This list, of course, can go on and on. There are numerous skilled trades that people can pursue as far as a career, and on National Skilled Trades Day, it’s essential to recognize the significance of these careers.

Reasons to Get into The Skilled Trades

National Skilled Trades Day is also a great time to consider a possible career as a skilled tradesperson. We’ve talked briefly about the types of jobs available for those with a particular skill set or specific knowledge of an industry. But what about the benefits? What benefits are there for those looking to become employed within a specific skilled trade?

1. Trade school can be less expensive than college. Traditional four-year colleges cost a great deal of money, and the price seems to be rising yearly. Trade schools, however, can be a more affordable alternative. Versus paying four years’ tuition, you will likely be paying only one or two years’ education.

2. The demand for people in specific trades is high. The country is expected to need nearly two million technicians, construction workers, and electricians within the next ten years. Companies are actively recruiting those who graduate with a professional trade degree or apprentice for seasoned skilled trade professionals. You name it. The demand is out there.

3. Pay for skilled trades is competitive. One misconception associated with some trades is that wages and pay are lower than you would get if you went to a four-year university. This is no longer the case. People are ready to pay for those who have the background and experience in a specific trade. Because demand is high, the pay is also often high.

4. You can start earning money sooner. As mentioned, the demand is becoming increasingly evident, and the pay for skilled trade workers is steadily going up. Again, because you aren’t necessarily in school for four years, you have the potential to go out there and start making money much sooner. This is undoubtedly an attractive part of the skilled trades for many people.

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