National Pharmacist Day

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January 12th is National Pharmacist Day. In numerous ways, pharmacists are critical to ensuring that the nation’s healthcare system continues to run as it should. After all, pharmacists are responsible for ensuring that people get the proper medications and for making sure that patient recovery progresses as required.

Pharmacists work in a variety of places. Of course, the most common is in a pharmacy. However, more store types are expanding to include pharmacies within the store—be it a grocery or retail store. It’s not uncommon to come across a pharmacy and thus a pharmacist during any given day.

Among the nation’s top pharmacies and those most widespread throughout the US are CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Grocery chains, as noted, have also incorporated pharmacies into many of their stores, as have retailers such as Walmart. It is pretty standard for someone to call in a prescription to a Kroger, for example, or Costco, and be able to have their prescription filled while they do their shopping.

How to Commemorate National Pharmacist Day

As pharmacists are such an important part of the healthcare system and as they work with patients to serve in some cases as a liaison between that patient and their doctor, recognizing your local pharmacist on National Pharmacist Day is something nice that you can do to let the pharmacist know that you do recognize their importance.

Some things that you might do this National Pharmacist Day:

• Offer a simple thank you. Hearing the words “thank you” can mean a great deal for anyone working in any profession. People don’t hear those words enough. Taking just a moment to thank your pharmacist can make a difference in their day.

• Post about it. For those with social media accounts—be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook—

Why not compose a shout-out to all the pharmacists out there who are working hard to help take care of their customers?

• Bring them a special treat. Who doesn’t love something sweet, or perhaps even just a simple card conveying your heartfelt thanks for all they do.

• Just be kind. Especially right now, when given everything going on in this country and across the world, tensions can run high. People waiting in line at a pharmacy might become impatient and consequently express their frustration. Why not take a deep breath and be kind to your pharmacist and all working with them.

Becoming a Pharmacist

National Pharmacist Day is also a great time to explore this particular job field for those considering working in a pharmacy. A few facts and statistics to keep in mind when it comes to a career in pharmacology.

1) The average pay range for pharmacists hovers right around 125k/ year. It’s among the country’s higher national averages for salaries.

2) The job outlook for pharmacists between now and 2030 remains pretty steady, with no sharp declines expected any time soon.

3) Pharmacists must get an advanced four-year degree following their initial college years. They must also pass two licensing exams.

4) Beyond drug stores and grocery stores, pharmacists also work within hospital systems and other such healthcare facilities.

5) Pharmacists are well-versed in medication types and use the medications prescribed most safely and effectively possible.

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