National I Love My Dentist Day

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On June 2, we celebrate National I Love My Dentist Day. This is a day during which we honor and raise awareness about the hard work done by dentists across the country. They help keep our mouths and teeth healthy, which is extremely important for everyone. Dentists can sometimes go overlooked in terms of the general healthcare profession. And yet their contributions to our daily health are, in many ways, immeasurable. Today, we acknowledge all the incredible work that dentists do.

The History of Dentistry in the US

Dentistry as a profession didn’t start to emerge until the 1700s. A French surgeon started what could be called the modern dentistry movement. He’d written a book on some of the best ways to take care of one’s teeth and the importance of having treatments when there were issues.

It wasn’t until the 1840s that dentistry began to take hold as a profession in the US. This was when the first dental college was established in Baltimore. And the first dental practice act was started in Alabama in 1841. Of course, in the later 1800s, circa the 1870s, Colgate emerge. The regular appearance of toothbrushes and toothpaste then became a reality. Dentists are vital to this country. And on National I Love My Dentist Day, what better way to acknowledge this than to thank your dentist.

Commemorating National I Love My Dentist Day

Beyond saying thank you to your dentist and their team, there are things you can do today to help celebrate dentists across the country.

  1. Shout out to your dentist and all dentists, for that matter, on social media. Take to your Facebook page or Instagram account and let people know that this is, in fact, National I Love My Dentist Day. You might even talk about some of the wonderful attributes of your dental practice.

2. Treat your dentist to breakfast or lunch. Why not surprise your dental office and bring them something special to eat today. It’s simply about letting your dentist know that you do think about them and that you do appreciate what they do for you.

3. Send flowers to the office. This is a grand gesture helping to commemorate National I Love My Dentist Day, but it’s also a way to help them spruce up their office for the day. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

4. Send a card or even a text. You don’t have to elaborate today to show your dentist you’re aware of their contributions to the field, and you can send a text or go the extra mile and have a card delivered expressing your gratitude.

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