National HVAC Tech Day

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Today is National HVAC Tech Day. Why do we commemorate this day? Because HVAC techs do help keep things running and keep our lives on track. Many are on call 24/7. Many will drive through any weather, so individuals and families don’t have to endure humid days without AC or freezing temperatures without heat. That is why we celebrate National HVAC Tech Day.

It is probably safe to say that most people take for granted that it will respond when they adjust the thermostat in their homes. But what happens when it doesn’t? What happens when the air conditioner stops working on a 95° day? Or when the furnace isn’t running as it should, and temperatures are frigid and icy? Your first instinct is usually to call an HVAC repair company. They, in turn, send out an HVAC tech. The tech is a trained and experienced professional who can generally solve the problem. And when they can’t immediately do so, they know what steps to take to get your system back up and running.

What is an HVAC Tech?

On National HVAC Tech Day, you might want to take a moment to learn about what it is that an HVAC tech does and who exactly they are.

First, it’s essential to know that HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. The professionals who work in the industry are called HVAC technicians. Typically, a tech will test your system to see where the problem might be. They are also responsible for installing new systems such as furnaces, heat exchange units, and air conditioners. Primarily, HVAC techs are responsible for maintaining and servicing the systems of homeowners and businesses. Usually, this is done regularly and in conjunction with a maintenance/service contract. Some HVAC techs will also be responsible for sales. While out on a call, they may have to explain to a client why purchasing a new system makes sense, given that the old system is on its last leg.

In terms of training and education, HVAC techs go through a specialized program where they learn pretty much everything they need to know about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Education is thus a significant part of their résumé. There are various certifications that HVAC techs can receive, and some will also apprentice before working on their own.

Recognizing National HVAC Tech Day

While there’s no one thing you can do today to help commemorate this occasion, you might say thank you to your local HVAC tech. You might stop for a moment and recognize how important their job is. This is perhaps why techs are in high demand right now.

On National HVAC Tech Day, you could also post something on social media about this particular career and the people who work in it. Shout out to those who often go unheralded. They may appreciate it.

If you are an HVAC business owner, why not take today to recognize the people who work for you, the HVAC techs. Congratulate them and what they’ve accomplished. Commend them on the hard work in and out to keep America’s furnaces and ACs running smoothly. Offer them a special lunch or breakfast. You may even give them a gift today, such as a gift card or some other token of your appreciation, acknowledging that you know they are, in fact, the company’s lifeblood.

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