National Cut Your Energy Cost Day – How Are You Commemorating the Occasion?

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While this may not be a well-known day, it is essential. As the name suggests, it is all about finding ways to be more efficient and cut costs associated with energy bills. Did you know that energy bills can be among the highest overall prices for small business owners? Just given what you spend to power your office’s tech alone can be an eye-opening amount when you view it in terms of the bigger picture of total bills paid out.

So why not take this January 10th, aka National Cut your Energy Cost Day, and devise a plan for streamlining and thus making things more efficient—your budget will thank you!

Some Energy Costs You Might Consider Cutting

As a small business owner, you likely wear many hats. You deal with customers, handle your staff, keep track of inventory and yes, you often have to keep tabs on the budget and ensure that the company remains financially viable.

Many times, business owners will look at larger ticket items when thinking about how to trim the costs. But starting smaller and really examining your energy costs might reveal a significant amount of money that you could be saving each year.

What are some of the key areas and ways in which you might cut your energy costs this year?

• Be aware of phantom energy. What is phantom power? This is the energy that is being used when computers and other electronics are still plugged in but not necessarily in use. A good practice is to ensure that all relevant equipment/computers are turned off and unplugged. Get your whole team involved so that you are not the only one practicing this type of energy diligence.

• Check your light bulbs. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where new products and innovations are always making things more efficient. Light bulbs are among the number one items used in offices today that can easily be upgraded and thus save you money on your electric bill. If you haven’t yet switched to LED bulbs in the workplace, National Cut Your Energy Cost Day is a great time to do so!

• Program your office thermostats. If you don’t have staff working past five or so at night, then the intelligent thing to do is program your thermostats not to pay an excessive amount to heat a space. Programmable thermostats really can save you a decent amount of money over the long haul.

• Look for ENERGY STAR-rated office equipment. ENERGY STAR ratings mean that a piece of equipment or appliance, for example, has been carefully evaluated and ultimately deemed energy efficient. That ENERGY STAR rating equates to cost savings. See which equipment in your office requires updating, and be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR seal of approval before purchasing new equipment.

• Get your employees more involved in thinking about energy efficiency. Many employees take for granted that things are just consistently working, always running, and lights are there to be left on. You need to make them aware of the budget in terms of your energy bills and how you can work together to try and trim that budget and cut energy costs across the board. A little information can go a long way.

Make a Difference this National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

While these may seem like small steps, they can add to significant savings, not to mention a more responsible approach to energy usage in the workplace. In doing your part, this National Cut Your Energy Cost Day (and all year long), you really can help create a more responsible and informed company culture that may even carry over into some of your team members’ homes as well.

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