Memorial Day Marketing Ideas

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Memorial Day is the official start of summer in many parts of the country. Marked by picnics, parades, and various celebrations, people are ready and eager for this new and active part of the year to commence. Of course, Memorial Day is also about remembering and recognizing the women and men who have served our country. On Memorial Day, we honor their sacrifices and all they have done to protect our freedom. We remember what they’ve given and how we are better as a nation.

As a small business, there are many ways that you can go about not only celebrating Memorial Day but also using the spirit of the day in your marketing campaigns. How can you make your advertising relevant to Memorial Day? How can you connect with people on this holiday and potentially do more business? Below are some marketing ideas that you might try and implement this Memorial Day.

Pay Tribute to the Vets

There are many things that you might incorporate into your marketing and advertising by showing your support and appreciation for America’s service members. One thing that you might do on Memorial Day is to somehow tie into the theme of this occasion: honoring those who have passed, vets and active-duty soldiers, and reminding people what they have contributed to our country. If you have a team member who has served, you might spotlight them for the day. You might also raise money for a charity dedicated to helping those who have served. You could also offer discounts or freebies to veterans and active duty service members on Memorial Day.

Have a Themed Patriotic Collection

Offering discounts on collections of items that are patriotic-themed or otherwise red, white, and blue is a great way to mark the occasion and also market specific items and product lines. If you are in retail, this will work particularly well. You also want to be sure to create a sense of urgency. So you could, for instance, find ways to remind customers both on your website and in your brick and mortar location that this is a limited offer only.

Host a Contest on Memorial Day

People generally love to engage in contests, especially if there’s a chance they can win something of value. Get creative in terms of your contest. Post about it on your various social media channels. It could be an online event, or it might even be an in-person activity. The key is to offer something that will entice people to want to join.

Create a Memorial Day Social Media Campaign

If you’re not taking advantage of social media marketing, now is the time to do so. And what better occasion to get started than on Memorial Day. Here you have the kickoff to summer. You have a reason to announce something new, something exciting, or some special discount or promotion. Remember, in your social media campaigns. You want to have dynamic text, captions, images, and even videos that capture people’s attention.

Have a Cookout

What screams Memorial Day more than a good old-fashioned cookout or barbecue? If you do have a physical location, hosting a community-wide cookout for a specified time could be a great way to reward current customers and draw new customers in. So fire up the grill and get out that apron.

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