Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Martin Luther King Jr.

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There is a treasure trove of resources for small business owners—not just tangible resources but also intangible ones. There are inspirational stories, guidance, and wisdom from leaders in your industry, and the stories and guidance from historical figures who have had a profound impact on this country, if not the world.

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day we celebrate the life and legacy of a leader who had vision, passion, and perseverance. He not only fought for civil rights, but he empowered an entire culture. He empowered a nation.

Dr. King’s legacy is an example that is not just valuable for those who are embarking upon social and political causes; what he taught us is also incredibly useful for business leaders. Small business owners especially can learn a great deal from the historical impact of Martin Luther King Jr.

1. Don’t settle for the status quo.

Dr. King showed people across the nation that you did not have to sit by and watch as things and events unfolded that didn’t make sense, and that wasn’t right. You likely have goals and dreams for your company. How will you achieve them? It’s not going to be by settling for the status quo. Just settling is never the answer, particularly for entrepreneurs.

2. Strong partnerships are important.

While Martin Luther King Jr. is a notable historical figure, he did not accomplish his goals alone. He forged some compelling connections and alliances with people he knew had influence, people he knew could help. Within the context of your small business, what are some of the partnerships and collaborations that you might establish? How can they be of use to you in growing your organization? And how can these partnerships help you make a genuine difference within your industry?

3. Be committed to what you’re doing.

Martin Luther King Jr. was without question invested in his mission. As he told us all, he had a dream, and he would stop at nothing to ensure that he saw the materialization of that dream. He was committed to success where civil rights were concerned. You have to commit to your success. You have to keep your dreams and company goals in mind and persevere as you set out to accomplish those objectives.

4. Know what your purpose is.

Above and beyond all else, MLK knew exactly what his purpose was. Whether on paper or not, he had a blueprint for enacting change. And he stuck to it. First, you need to identify your primary purpose as a company. What do you hope to accomplish? What value do you want to bring to the table when all is said and done? Answer the question of “what is my purpose.” Once you identify that purpose, create a plan for staying the course and aligning yourself with your “why.”

5. Have faith no matter what.

Dr. King did experience setbacks, sometimes seemingly impossible setbacks. He dealt with obstacle after obstacle. Even when things seemed darkest, though, he persisted in his mission. Martin Luther King Jr. was not derailed as his speech at the Washington Monument is, in fact, evidence of just how determined he was. But it wasn’t just determination alone; it was also the faith he had that he could make a difference and have a significant impact in this country and on race relations around the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an excellent opportunity to reflect on who you are as a company, what you hope to accomplish, and what direction you need to take from here. You can learn incredible lessons from the example of Dr. King. You can take that same spirit and passion and apply it to your endeavor. And we are here to help.

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