Keeping Your Employees Happy in 2022

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By now, most have heard the phrase “Great Resignation.” Since mid-2021, employees have been leaving their jobs in record numbers, the likes of which many haven’t seen in decades. Why? Perhaps it’s because of burnout occurring at all-time highs; it could be because the pandemic has compelled us all to reevaluate our situations, or maybe this is happening because more and more people are now prefer working from home. If their workplace won’t accommodate them, their attitude is to find an employer that will.

Regardless of what instigates the Great Resignation, many employers face a crisis-level situation. Emphasis on employee satisfaction is, therefore, more vital than ever. How can you keep your employees happy and thus want to work for you? How do you, as a small business owner, prevent your own mass exodus of staff? Focusing on what you can do to increase morale and ensure more satisfaction across the board will be pivotal in 2022 if you want to maintain a productive team

In this article, we take a look at some strategies for keeping employees happy as we approach 2022.

When it comes to keeping employees happy, listening counts

What is step one to keep employees happy and thereby stemming the number of resignations you receive this year? Listening. It does come down to simple and practical approaches. Listening to your employees, honestly hearing what they have to say, and considering their feedback can go a long way toward solidifying your relationship with those employees.

Other things that you can do when it comes to keeping employees happy…

1) Include employees in the big picture

We mean that you need to make sure your employees feel that they are doing meaningful work and, consequently, they are contributing to the company in a significant way. By isolating employees and confining them to one role or a task, you essentially undermine their importance. Just as we all do, your employees want to know that they are making a difference.

2) Offer more flexible work options

This one is becoming increasingly important—especially since the pandemic. We all shifted to remote work for the most part, and gradually people did get used to it, to the point where many came to prefer it as remote work offered an enhanced work/life balance. If your employees express their desire to work remotely more often, it will serve you well to listen. Perhaps you can schedule a couple of days per week when working from home is permitted. Get creative here in terms of how you allow employees to work remotely.

3) Give them access to education

We discovered over the past year and a half that more and more people wish to improve their situation and their career possibilities. People want the chance to grow and expand in a professional capacity. Are there ways you can offer employees classes, education, and/or training that can help them fulfill their goals? This could equate to happier employees in the long run.

4) Be the example

You are the leader. As such, people tend to follow your example. If you come into work looking sullen or appearing angry and frustrated, your team is likely to follow suit in some ways. If you have a positive outlook, your employees are more apt to have a positive outlook. They will most likely do the same if you approach your job with enthusiasm. There is a mindset aspect to keeping employees happy.

5) Present employees with rewards and recognition

This is a pretty simple strategy but one that is incredibly effective. People want to know that they are doing a good job and want to be recognized at times. Even something as simple as expressing your appreciation for their work can be so meaningful. And if you can institute some reward/incentive program to encourage more productive work habits, this can help redefine the dynamic in your office.

6) Rethink your benefits package

Employees take jobs now more so than ever, not just about a salary. While a comfortable salary is undoubtedly good, people also want decent benefits. Health insurance, a 401k, and dental packages are all fairly standard. But what if you went above and beyond here. Think outside the box when it comes to the benefits you offer. For example, wellness benefits, gym memberships, educational/tuition reimbursements.

7) Provide mentorship

It can so happen that employees feel lost and frustrated. They are struggling and need help but maybe afraid to ask for that help. If you have a mentorship program in place in which seasoned vets help new employees, this could increase your retention rates. You might be surprised at how having an employee mentorship program ensures greater job satisfaction. People like to succeed in their position—set them up for that success.

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