International Mind-Body Wellness Day

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The start of the new year is an excellent time for many of us to take a moment and consider the notion of self-care. Do you have enough of it in your life? And if not, what can you do to enhance how you treat your body and mind? International Mind-Body Wellness Day encourages people to look inward at themselves first.

Yes, we all experience pressures and demands; duty calls, and we must heed that call to perform our jobs and make money. However, if we overlook how we treat our minds and bodies overall, this could lead us down a very unhealthy path. And where will this ultimately leave you?

This January 3rd Think About International Mind-Body Wellness Day

As many people head back to work after being off for the holidays, it is essential to assess health in general. And it’s not solely about looking at our physical health. Did you know that people whose minds and bodies are strongly aligned are more productive, happier, and more at peace with their lives?

Think about the opposite end of this particular spectrum. You feel stressed. Anxiety is creeping in. What then happens to your physical health when you let this stress subsume you entirely. Your blood pressure may increase, your heart rate can be more sporadic. For some people, their digestive systems might get thrown off. There are many adverse effects that stress can have on the body. This is why paying attention to that mind-body connection is critical not just for your psychological and emotional well-being but also for your physical one as well.

Things You Can Do This Mind-Body Wellness Day

So what can you do? How can you start to change patterns that might be detrimental to all areas of your health?

Meditate: Meditation is one of the best things that a person can do to bring their inner self and outer self into alignment. Deep breathing and simply remaining quiet for even just ten minutes a day, such as before you get out of bed in the morning, can go a long way toward bringing your emotions into balance.

Taking a time out: And not in the way a parent might send an errant child to a time out; instead, this is about stepping away for a moment or two when you start to feel the pressure bearing down when the things going on at work or in your life are threatening to overwhelm you. Do something that will help you re-center and refocus your energies. Step back, take a brisk walk outside, or read a book for half an hour.

Learning to be more flexible: One of the most stressful things/events in people’s lives is those centering on some form of change. Handling change is no easy task—significantly more significant life changes. And yet, the ability to do so and maintain flexibility in the face of change will help you navigate more challenging moments in a much more effective manner.

Eat right, get some sleep, and exercise: These seem like basic things, and yet you’d be surprised at how many people don’t take the time necessary to do them. Getting a proper amount of sleep at night, keeping an eye on your nutrition, and exercising even moderately help you feel physically and mentally sound. And this, of course, is what International Mind-Body Wellness Day is all about!

Lead Your Team by Example

If you are an entrepreneur, it is essential to remember that your employees are looking to you for guidance. They often follow your lead. If you are burning the candle at both ends, they won’t be seeing someone who prioritizes mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. It would help if you had that balance. It would be best if you made those crucial connections. And show this to your team.

You might even go a step further and offer various activities and classes to employees to get the new year started right. Some employers provide gym memberships or yoga classes; if people need counseling, perhaps that is something your organization could offer them access to as well.

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