International Fun At Work Day

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While we could certainly make a case that every day at work should have some component of International Fun At Work Day, April 1 is the official date of this holiday. What exactly is International Fun At Work Day? It is just a time to remember that employees need a break occasionally. They need to be able to relax, have fun, and enjoy themselves in a stress-free environment. There is so much about work and the daily grind that can be stressful. This is why occasions such as International Fun At Work Day are significant. Avoiding burnout, keeping morale high, and keeping employee satisfaction in mind, should be something that employers think about all year round.

Over the past year, many organizations have experienced significant losses in terms of labor. The great resignation is all too real. And this is in part because individuals are not happy at their jobs. They want more. They want to feel fulfilled. And yes, they want to have fun and enjoy what they do day in and day out. This is also something that you want to keep in mind on International Fun At Work Day.

Things You Might do for International Fun at Work Day

  • Have a contest–and you can get creative here. Some offices have a coworker cook-off. Which one of your employees is a master at the grill? Who has the best chili recipe? You could also do some game or trivia-related contests. Again, this is all about fun, a day for people to laugh, enjoy one another’s company, and let loose a bit.
  • Schedule a spa day. You might have massages for your employees, or some could get facials. Allow them to relax and let their cares melt away for just a little bit. Who doesn’t love a spa day?
  • Have a group outing. You could go pretty much anywhere—make sure it’s fun. Some offices might opt to go to a ball game. Some might go and play laser tag. You can do a team-building activity day. Or, the outing could be as simple as everyone getting together to go out for lunch or dinner. It can be a truly bonding experience and one that allows your employees to have some fun.
  • Screen a movie at work. Before picking a movie, you may want to check with your team. You could send out a survey asking people to name their top three film picks. Then have the conference room ready, complete with popcorn and other such snacks.
  • Have a dress-up day. No one will pass up a chance to come to work in pajamas. Or you could pick a theme such as Hawaiian shirt day or sweatpants day. This automatically lends itself to a more relaxed atmosphere. And when people are more comfortable, they tend to have a little more fun.
  • Go to a standup comedy show. Fun and laughter, of course, go hand-in-hand. You might want to get your employees tickets to a standup comic or comedy show. You could attend as a group, or everyone could go individually.

Plan a Great Day for Your Team

Whatever you decide to do for International Fun At Work Day, make sure it is fun again. There aren’t always a lot of opportunities within the workplace for employees to let loose and have some fun. Now you have a bona fide reason to let people enjoy themselves more.

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