How to Improve Your Hotel/Motel Business

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As we all know, the hotel industry was hit very hard by the pandemic. It was perhaps one of the hardest hit sectors. Now, however, hotels are coming back strong. As such, your hotel or motel business needs to be competitive. You need to be in a position to attract patrons and thus be able to continue moving forward. The question is how to improve your hotel or motel business.

You can look at it from a marketing angle. You can look at it from a customer service aspect. Or, you could also look at your hotel’s or motel’s physical characteristics and work on improving those. In this article, we look at improving your hotel by focusing on guest relations and customer service. Keep reading to find out more.

Up your hotel/motel technology game

What do we mean by this? The hotel industry is not impervious to advancements in technology. In other words, you have to be up-to-date on the latest in figuring out how to improve your hotel or motel. There is a ton of technological advancement specifically geared toward the hotel industry. From smart room keys enabling guests to open their doors via their phones to providing in-room tablets, you have to get creative and strategic about the types of technology you implement within your hotel and for guest use. This will make a difference and create a more memorable experience for your hotel guests.

Have a robust rewards program

Many of the big chain hotels and motels do already, in fact, have rewards programs in place for repeat guests. If you don’t already have such a program, then it’s time to look into one. The rewards you offer those who continue to stay with you can vary. For instance, you could offer free nights after so many stays. You could also offer a complimentary meal or a free drink at the bar. How about a later checkout? The key is to make sure that repeat patrons know that they are valued. By actually giving them something tangible, you emphasize the value of their patronage all the more.

Always be communicating

Once someone has booked a stay at your hotel or motel, you want to maintain a connection with the guest so they don’t cancel. You can follow up with an email as soon as they book. You can also have them opt into text message notifications regarding their stay. Again, maintain communications so that they do in fact keep your hotel or motel in the forefront of their mind for their upcoming trip. Otherwise, they may get curious and explore other venues. Exploring could lead to canceling with you and rebooking somewhere else. You certainly do not want that.

Make the guest experience personal

How exactly do you accomplish this? There are a variety of software systems that you can put in place to help you add another level of personalization to a person’s hotel or motel experience. From having a CRM tool that can let you see how customers go about choosing products and also enable you to offer promotions to ensuring you have a central reservation system in place that can provide guests with a top-notch reservation scheduling experience, you want to make it both personal and easy for someone to stay with you. You could also go with more old-school tactics such as leaving a small gift in the room or offering free coffee and refreshments in the lobby at all times. Just think about if you were staying at a hotel. What would you want that would make that experience next level for you? Personalization is definitely at the forefront when it comes to improving your hotel or motel.

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