Gruntled Workers Day – What is it?

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Who even knew that “gruntled” was a word? Gruntled Workers Day was started by Thomas and Ruth Roy back in 2018. In realizing that there was no alternative to disgruntled, the duo devised a day that represented a time for workers to get together and celebrate their jobs. Gruntled Workers Day is about recognizing the positive aspects of one’s work and seeing how our careers can truly bring us contentment.

Just about everyone is aware of what a disgruntled worker is – someone who is fed up, someone who focuses on the negative of their work, someone who hates coming in in the morning. Gruntled Workers Day, on the other hand, is a chance to really see how your work impacts your life in a beneficial way. This is the intent of what Thomas and Ruth Roy had in mind when they came up with this particular day.

Things that Lead to Increased Job Satisfaction

One thing that Gruntled Workers Day focuses on is the importance of job satisfaction. What ultimately leads to job satisfaction? There are a number of ingredients that go into a satisfying work environment:

Company culture

If your company culture is one that is marked by toxicity, then obviously those who work for you aren’t going to have a positive experience. On the other hand, if yours is a culture that abounds in transparency, diversity, and inclusion, this is an environment that can help create a more satisfying work experience for everyone.

Open communication

It’s common sense really, when an office has clear lines of communication, employees feel safer and more regarded. On the other hand, if channels of communication are often closed, this can lead to negative feelings and thus an overall unsatisfying working environment.

Effective leadership

There’s a great deal to be said for effective leaders in a company. Leaders motivate, they establish vision, they set goals—these things, in turn, lead to increased job satisfaction across the board. Those leaders who are otherwise ineffective can inadvertently create a negative workspace.

Opportunities for development

One thing that certainly helps guarantee job satisfaction is giving your employees ample opportunities for career development. People naturally want to grow; they want the chance to ascend in the ranks. Career development is essential to fostering important growth among your employees.

Optimal working conditions

There is a lot to be said for environment. Both physically and in terms of less tangible elements, working conditions need to foster a positive job experience. It really is as simple as that.

Why Job Satisfaction is So Important

Now that we know what goes into helping foster job satisfaction amongst employees, it’s important to know why job satisfaction is so critical to begin with.

  • Employees who are satisfied with their work, stay longer with the company. And in this era of rampant employee turnover, employee retention is becoming increasingly important.
  • Happy employees are more productive employees. More productive employees in turn, means increased profitability. That is to say, you want your employees engaged in their work so that they perform dynamically.
  • Job satisfaction can lead to more effective collaborations. In a working environment in which employees are happy, they are bound to get along better and in getting along better, work together more efficiently. This is imperative when it comes to task completion and project development.
  • Word-of-mouth is better when your employees are happier. Word-of-mouth about your company is extremely important. You certainly don’t want workers bad-mouthing your firm. Satisfied employees tend to have only good things to say.

On Gruntled Workers Day Take Time to Reassess

Gruntled Workers Day is a prime opportunity to assess your company and your working environment. You want employees to celebrate the benefits of working for you. You want them to be able to point to all of the advantages inherent in their jobs. Take the time to think about the office’s various facets and culture and adjust where adjustments may be needed.

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