Five Tips to Help Your Landscaping Business Stand Out

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Five Tips to Help Your Landscaping Business Stand Out

If you own a landscaping or lawn care company, you know the challenges of growing a business against fierce competition. So, how can your business stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Here are five expert tips to help differentiate your landscaping services from your competitors.

1. Establish Your Positioning

“Establishing a strong positioning is sure to differentiate your company from the competition. To do so, you’ll need to describe your offering in a sentence that clearly shows your clients what your specialty is. 

Saying that you provide all landscaping services or great customer service is too general and makes for a weak positioning. While you might be worried that being too specific will make you lose out on contracts, it will actually help to bring more of the right type of contracts to you. 

To create a strong positioning, you must take an honest look at what your company excels at, who you want to cater to and where you want to provide your service.” 

Source: GoMaterials

2. Update Your Website

“More and more potential clients are researching companies online before even contacting you via a phone call or web form. Your website is the first impression that your company makes.

It should be updated regularly to have relevant information and promotions, good pictures of recent jobs, and a clean look that customers can easily see the information they’re looking for. Updating your website is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways you can stand out from the crowd.”

Source: Landscape Management Software

3. Market Smarter

“The key is to be creative with your marketing. Not copying your competitors and being completely original. Highlight the way you do your services and things you do differently or better in extreme detail.

Maybe you have a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Maybe you have a special piece of equipment that does a superior job. There is something you do or some twist you can highlight that the other guys don’t talk about in their marketing.

Think about it. Get creative with it. Find the best angle to promote.”

Source: Point2 Marketing Group

4. Revitalize Your Branding

“Before you begin sending mass emails or handing out fliers, you might want to revisit your brand. This involves more than just thinking about your company name. A brand refers to the entire aesthetic, mission, and reach of your business. It’s an essential component of any entrepreneurial venture.

Take a step back and imagine how you’d like your landscaping business to appear, feel, and speak to customers this coming year. Why do you want to provide your services? Once you have the “why,” you can shape your brand through excellent customer service for its strongest appeal.”

Source: Nextdoor

5. Say Thank You

“This last tip is a very simple one: say thank you. If your customers are home when you work on their yard, then take the time to visit for a moment and thank them. They have many options to choose from, and they chose you.

Thank-you notes around holidays or before a busy season are a nice touch. These notes can double as an opportunity to suggest products or services at various times throughout the year. When you’re thanking your customers, ask for feedback about your services and point them towards your social networking sites.”

Source: Wright Manufacturing

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