Five Tips to Build a Winning Business Mindset

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Five Tips to Build a Winning Business Mindset

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or have been in business for years, your success is determined by how well you overcome obstacles. Like the iconic movie character Rocky Balboa once said, “It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

If you have a winning attitude, you can overcome business challenges and move forward confidently. Below are a few tips that could help you build a winning business mindset.

1. Focus on solutions, not the problems

“Swallow your pride. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes, and it’s okay to admit that you made a mistake. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure or a bad person—it just means that you’re human and have learned an important lesson in the process.”

Source: Coverhero

2. Make a list of your success

“Ambition and goals are what motivate us. But we must ask ourselves what we really want to feel fulfilled. All the things you consider important to you should be on your list. This could include financial stability, independence, and a place that you can call home. Different people have different goals. This list is constantly growing and changing as we age.”

Source: TheNextTech

3. Get over yourself and self-promote

 “You don’t ever want to end up in a social situation where people whisper to one another “don’t talk to her” because all you do is talk about yourself and your business. Is there anything more mundane than a one-dimensional conversation about somebody else’s revolutionary business idea? That would be no.

You don’t need to be obnoxious but you need to be prepared to talk about your business. As Brittany Hearst, author of the best-selling book “Influencer” and a mega-influencer in her own right said: “If you’re not telling your own story, someone else will tell it for you.” So, it’s entirely up to you — control the dialog or read it and weep.”

Source: Forbes

4. You must have an unwavering faith in yourself

“Faith is different than belief.  Faith is believing without seeing.  It is knowing in the deepest recesses of your soul.  In order to develop a winning mindset, you must have an unshakable, unwavering faith in yourself to be able to win and succeed. 

This doesn’t mean you are blindly arrogant and ignore your weaknesses.  It does mean that when everything is stripped away you have the faith, the belief without seeing, that you will make it in whatever you are setting out to do.”

Source: Misfit Entrepreneur

5. Use visualizations

“See yourself and your goals as a campfire. Like a fire you need to keep adjusting it, adding wood to keep the fire going and make it big. Every step makes the fire bigger and sometimes a misstep or problem may diminish your flames. That means you need to adjust quickly and keep the fire going.”

Source: Direct Selling Education Foundation

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