Five Rules for Choosing a Staffing Agency

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Five Rules for Choosing a Staffing Agency

If you’re a small business owner, you already know how competitive the job market is right now. With the national unemployment rate hovering just over 3%, your company must stay proactive to attract and retain the best available talent.

Payroll is often a major expense for small businesses and hiring the wrong person could become a costly mistake. So you should consider partnering with a qualified staffing agency to help manage your human resources needs. Here are five helpful rules for choosing the right staffing and recruiting firm for your business.

1. Set Expectations

“You want a good relationship with your staffing agency. That means that you hold some of the responsibility for making it a good relationship.

Find out from the agency what their expectations of you are during the recruitment and staffing process. Will they expect to speak with you daily or weekly? How much time and information will they need to get started?

Working with a staffing agency should be about building a great relationship so that your positions are filled quickly and easily. Take the time to do your homework on the agency, ask questions, and make sure that you’re hiring the best agency for your staffing needs.”

Source: Recruiters Lineup

2. Define the Skills and Opportunities

“When working with a staffing agency you should take the time to define the skills, personality type, goals, and objectives for the position. Explain your company culture and values so the recruiter can get an understanding of the type of candidate you seek.”

Source: Apollo Technical

3. Ensure the Position is Ready to be Filled

“You may want to contact an IT staffing agency and have them start sending you candidates when the position is 5-6 months away from starting. Why? Candidates they send now will (if they’re good) will likely not be on the market by the time you are ready to hire. This wastes everyone’s time as a staffing agency should find you candidates for a role in days or weeks, never months—unless it’s tough to fill a position or executive-level position.”

Source: Best Staffing Agencies

4. Beware of High and Low Cost Options

“Recruiting agencies vary widely on cost and that can be one of the most frustrating and confusing aspects of finding the right staffing partner. Keep in mind that like most things, you get what you pay for. Hiring the cheapest agency just to save money will cost you more in the long run when you have to make up for a bad hire.

However, choosing an agency just because they’re expensive doesn’t necessarily translate into quality recruiters that are experts in the industry. Ensure the recruiting agency that you ultimately partner with has advanced recruiting strategies, experience working with your industry, and deep roots in the professional community in your region.”

Source: VanderHouwen

5. Ask About Screening and Testing

“Many staffing companies give their employees initial skills tests. Some provide specific skills training, such as software tutorials, and educate employees on business etiquette. These practices help determine the quality of worker you will receive. In addition to skills testing, find out if the staffing firm conducts background checks and drug tests.”

Source: American Staffing Association

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