Five Crime Prevention Tips for Small Businesses

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Five Crime Prevention Tips for Small Businesses

If you’ve ever been a victim of crime, then you know that the costs can often be severe. Those costs may include property losses, productivity losses, medical bills, and nonmonetary losses—such as fear, pain, suffering, and lost quality of life.

As a small business owner, you must take proactive steps to protect your business from crime. Here are five crime prevention tips to help safeguard your small business.

1. Get to know your local police.

“Introducing yourself and building a relationship with law enforcement can compel them to drive by your property on a regular basis. Usually, a police station assigns officers by geographical location. Meet the police officers who tend to patrol your area. You can go the extra mile by treating them to a favorite beverage or snack, writing a thank you note, or both.

The police vehicle is their office. They sometimes pull into a parking lot and work there. Let the police department know they are welcome to work on your property anytime. When they do, check in with them and bring them refreshments. You can also ask them to survey your property and security features for crime prevention improvement suggestions.”

Source: Stealth Monitoring

2. Reinforce entry points.

“Start by inspecting the locks and deadbolts on all exterior and interior security doors to ensure they’re in good working condition. If you use additional padlocks, remember to remove the serial numbers so keys cannot be replicated. Move on to windows after reviewing doors. If any locks are broken or loose, replace or repair them immediately.

Consider installing burglar-resistant glass or metal grates on windows. Don’t forget to secure skylights or other nontraditional entry points, too.”

Source: Frankenmuth Insurance

3. Install security cameras and an alarm system.

“If you don’t already have security cameras, you should consider installing some as soon as possible. Having security cameras around your facilities can be enough to deter robbers and vandals. But if someone commits a crime despite your cameras, the footage captured will help law enforcement identify them. Your business should also be protected by an alarm system. It will alert you and the authorities if a crime is being committed while no one is on your business premises.”

Source: Small Business Brain

4. Run background checks on new hires. 

“One of the most important aspects of protecting your company is ensuring that your employees are all trustworthy. Before hiring a new employee, run a criminal background check on the person and make sure to check references.”

Source: Encompass

5. Keep track of keys.

“Track every key issued to employees, and ensure keys are returned when employees leave your company. Limit the number of people who have keys and access to expensive equipment. The more people who have keys, the more susceptible your business is to risks. You may also want to consider installing an access control system with personalized key fobs that can determine which areas of the building certain employees can enter.”

Source: Insureon

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