Celebrating National Women Physicians Day

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February 3 marks National Women Physicians Day. It is the birthday of a woman who became the first in America to receive her medical degree. Her name was Elizabeth Blackwell. Blackwell paved the way for thousands of women to follow in her footsteps, women who were determined to earn their medical degrees and consequently impact the world of medicine. Today is a day to celebrate the collective accomplishments of women physicians and create the type of climate that inspires the next generation of young women to pursue their medical dreams.

Some of the country’s best doctors are, in fact, women. And today is a day that we commemorate their accomplishments—historically, currently, and in terms of the future women doctors who are yet to come. So how can you contribute and subsequently honor female physicians in observance of National Women Physicians Day? Below are a few things that you can do today to express your appreciation and respect for women doctors across the country while also helping to raise awareness regarding those issues and challenges distinctly faced by women physicians.

1. Simply say thank you. Thanking your physician for all she has done, for the help she provides, and for the guidance, she gives you in your respective healthcare journey is so important. Everybody likes to hear “thank you” now and again; we don’t say it often enough. On National Women Physicians Day take a moment to say thanks.

2. Help spread the word about National Women Physicians Day on social media. Social media, of course, is the most pervasive tool we have for connecting. Posting on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you convey your appreciation for female physicians and implicitly encourage others to do the same. Look and see what hashtags are trending specifically for National Women Physicians Day and make sure to include those in your post.

3. Look for a cause to donate to. There are numerous causes within the medical field specifically geared toward supporting women in medicine. From Doctors Without Borders to the American Medical Women’s Association, there are several worthy causes and organizations that you can help. On National Women Physicians Day find one that matters to you and donate.

4. Learn more about the history of this day and Elizabeth Blackwell. Did you know, for example, that Elizabeth Blackwell was not only the first to receive a medical degree in the United States, but she also helped initiate a movement that would prompt more and more women to enter the field of medicine? Originally from England, Blackwell and her family moved to America in the 1830s. The motivation for pursuing a degree in medicine came from a dying friend. This friend informed Blackwell that her ordeal would have been made easier if she had a female physician.

5. Encourage young girls you know to go into medicine. Perhaps you know young women with a penchant for science who dream of one day becoming a doctor. Encourage this dream, foster their passion, let them know that you support the goals that they have set for themselves within the healthcare field.

National Women Physicians Day truly is a day to take a moment and think about the contributions that women have made to medicine. So often overlooked, the women pioneers especially have created a landscape that is now welcoming to women doctors and further encourages equality within the realm of healthcare.

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