Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day

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Today is National Chicken Wing Day. Chicken wings are among the nation’s favorite tailgating foods. You get the picture, not to mention bar food, snack food, late-night munchy food. For those Buffalo chicken wing lovers out there, National Chicken Wing Day is truly a day to celebrate.

The History of Chicken Wings

For those who don’t know, chicken wings began in Buffalo, New York. The food phenomena actually got started sometime in the 1960s. The Anchor Bar, a Buffalo staple, came up with the concept. The bar’s owners, late one night, were trying to find something to feed their very hungry college-aged son and his friends. With some “scraps“ of chicken left over, they threw these in the fryer, mixed them with a special hot sauce, and voila: chicken wings were born.

The Anchor Bar still stands as an iconic Buffalo-based restaurant serving up one of the country’s favorite football foods. In the 1970s, the mayor of Buffalo declared July 29 National Chicken Wing Day. And ever since, people around the United States have been clamoring for this delectable hot and spicy fare. After all, who doesn’t love a good chicken wing.

How to Commemorate National Chicken Wing Day

If you are a restaurant or bar owner, you might want to take advantage of National Chicken Wing Day and spotlight a food that has truly become an American staple. Some things that you might do to help get a boost from National Chicken Wing Day:

Offer some fast chicken wing facts on social media

Why not have some fun with your social media accounts on National Chicken Wing Day. Post some facts about wings. You might even post some recipes for different wing sauces and dips. People love to come across stuff like this on their social media feeds. Have some fun with it.

Sponsor a chicken wing eating contest

Now here’s one idea that may draw a crowd. Food eating contests are definitely popular throughout the country. Why not host your own chicken wing eating contest with a cool prize going to the winner. Just make sure you have enough napkins for the contestants. Chicken wing eating can certainly get messy.

Offer discounts and promos on chicken wings

Given the tough economic climate we all find ourselves in, people are always on the lookout for promos and deals. On National Chicken Wing Day, you can take advantage of the theme and offer a discount on an order or two of wings. Make sure that if you do go this route, you advertise widely so that people know what you’re offering and consequently come to your establishment to take advantage of it.

Come up with a brand new wing sauce

Get creative in a culinary sense. That is to say, on National Chicken Wing Day, you might want to think about different types of sauces that complement the iconic chicken wing. Sure, the classic buffalo sauce is a winner. But you might offer something special or introduce a new wing approach given the occasion.

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