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If you need a small business loan for your Texas-based business, we can help. We have worked with companies in numerous different sectors and industries. We’ve helped Texas-based salons and spas keep their doors open. We’ve worked with restaurants and bars to assist them in expanding. And we’ve worked with a variety of medical and healthcare practices. From Dallas to Austin to San Antonio, we’ve provided financing solutions to small Texas-based companies. It’s about working with our clients and creating long-term relationships that enable them to grow.

We live in a challenging financial climate at the moment. Small businesses, especially, are struggling like never before. Even though things may be starting to get back to “normal,” it doesn’t mean that the residual effects aren’t being felt — all across the great state of Texas. This is why we are reaching out. There is a solution for those Texas business owners out there, those small businesses struggling in Arlington, Fort Worth, or Houston. There is a way to not only survive this but to come out even more substantially.

We look forward to working with you and seeing what we can do together!

The Benefits of Having a Small Business in Texas

That Texas Talent

Given all of the prestigious universities in and around the state, including Rice University, Baylor University, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas Tech University, and Texas Christian University, to name just a few, the talent pool is genuinely vast in the Lonestar state. This means that as a small business or even as a start-up, you have access to an extensive collection of knowledgeable and skilled professionals. You can create the kind of team that will get things done.

An Amazing Infrastructure

Given Texas‘ location, small businesses have incredible access to both global and domestic markets, not to mention its transportation network. You are positioned in an ideal place to take advantage of all the country, and the world offers when you are based in Texas.

Lower Cost of Living and Doing Business

Versus being located in some other metropolitan hubs in states on either the east or west coasts, the cost of living and doing business in Texas is quite a bit lower. For example, businesses’ rent in Dallas is slightly under the national average; in New York City, rent for businesses is well above the national average at nearly 160%. For startups, this means a much better economic environment to navigate those early years, thereby giving them a better chance of eventual success.

No State Income Tax

This is a massive draw for many smaller businesses. Whereas some states can have reasonably high state income taxes, Texas doesn’t have any. This means that come tax time, your budget does not take nearly as big a hit as it would if you were located in a California city or a New Jersey city.

Multiple Major Cities

The great thing about Texas is that more than just one central metropolitan area. You have Dallas, for example. There is also Houston. And, of course, no one can forget about Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. As far as second-tier and even third-tier cities go, many thriving, smaller urban areas are great places to own and operate small businesses, including Corpus Christi, El Paso, and Irving.

The People are Super Friendly

Never underestimate the power of Texans’ friendliness. Texas is consistently rated as one of the friendliest states in the nation. And with good reason. The welcoming and open atmosphere is ideal, especially for newer business owners looking to carve out their niche in a community.

First Union Lending Wants to Help Your Texan Business

One of the regions in which we’ve worked with numerous clients is, in fact, the state of Texas. We’ve helped people in various industries, from food and beverage to retail to manufacturing. And we want to help you. With resources ranging from $5000 to $1,000,000, we have the cash on hand right now to fund your Texas business. Call today, and let’s get started.

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