Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

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In May, we mark Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This is a month during which we recognize the amazing contributions of Asian Americans in Pacific Islander Americans to this country. Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans have helped make this nation what it is today in all facets of life- from culture to history to politics and beyond. This is why we take the time to celebrate their incredible achievements in May.

One company takes explicitly it a step further. This Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, UPS will go above and beyond to help promote AAPI-owned businesses. Their initiative, called Proudly Unstoppable, seeks to offer eligible businesses grants for up to $5000. There is a total of $150,000 being disbursed to various AAPI-owned businesses throughout the United States. The grant program runs throughout May.

Eligibility for Proudly Unstoppable Grants

So how can Asian American businesses and Pacific Islander American businesses take advantage of this UPS program? First off, they must meet specific eligibility criteria. They have to be a for-profit-owned business located in the US. At least 51% of the company has to be AAPI-owned. They cannot have more than three locations associated with their national brand. Finally, UPS wants to help those businesses that were negatively impacted during the pandemic and seemingly continue to struggle.

Beyond assisting Asian American-owned and Pacific Islander-owned businesses with this grant program, UPS also spotlights AAPI-owned businesses during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. If you go on the UPS website, you will find inspiring stories and motivational highlights.

How Did the UPS AAPI Owned Business Program Get Started?

In 2021, UPS launched this program for the first time. During this inaugural year, they awarded 27 $5000 grants. The winning businesses included health and wellness brands, electrical companies, pet-based companies, artists, and those in the food and beverage industry. As long as a business meets the criteria, they are eligible to apply for this UPS grant program, regardless of industry.

How did COVID impact AAPI Owned Businesses?

Those companies owned and operated by Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans were the hardest hit during the pandemic. Because of hate crimes and volatile rhetoric, these business owners face challenges that entrepreneurs should not have to face.

A recent survey suggests that AAPI-owned businesses are having a more difficult time recovering than those owned by white, Hispanic, or black business owners. This is another reason we need programs such as the Proudly Unstoppable initiative. And particularly right now, with inflation rates going through the roof and other such issues plaguing smaller companies, this program is essential.

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