10 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Men

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Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Want to be your boss and schedule your hours according to your needs and lifestyle? The entrepreneurial spirit has overcome many people. As a result, many impressive new businesses have started in the past year.

The good news is that in starting your own business, you don’t necessarily need a ton of money to get going. Some business types have no overhead. With how accessible the world has become because of technology such as Zoom and Slack, a startup can have a global presence.

What does all this mean in terms of small business ideas for men…It means if you have the passion, drive and if you are tired of a 9 to 5 that doesn’t give you room to be creative or do what you want to do, then starting a business is definitely within your reach.

Starting a Business: Growing Your Side Hustle

Many successful business owners started when they turned a side hustle into a thriving business. Beginning your endeavor as a side gig might be the best way to go, especially if you aren’t sure whether your idea has legs.

For example, let’s say you have a graphic design background. You could begin by offering your services on freelance platforms and talking to friends who may need graphic design. One or two smaller jobs could eventually blossom into enough jobs to sustain you full-time.

Of course, in the realm of small business ideas for man, not every company starts as a side hustle. But if you are nervous about quitting your full-time job, beginning slowly and then building up from there is always an excellent way to approach starting a business. Below are some small business ideas for men thinking about diving into those entrepreneurial waters.

1) Window cleaning/ pressure washing

Pressure washing decks, driveways, and residential structures aren’t always on the top of everyone’s to-do list, and yet it is, in fact, something that needs to be done. Over time, when houses, for example, don’t get pressure washed, grime, dirt, and even certain types of mold can build-up leaving the structure looking shabby. People invest a great deal into their homes and other facilities; this is one business that people will always need.

2) Painting

While people can do their painting, they don’t necessarily like to. Painters are one of the most in-demand contracting businesses in the US today. If you are handy with a paintbrush, know how to paint inside the lines, and are looking to start a business that could eventually become a pretty profitable one, then a house painter is a great option.

3) Moving company

Starting a moving company could turn into a lucrative endeavor for you. You will need to have enough money on hand to purchase a truck or van and the requisite insurance. A couple of things to keep in mind if you do opt to launch your moving business, it is best, at least initially, to stick to local moves versus cross-state moves as there is more involved with lengthy activities of this nature.

4) Car detailing

Car detailing is always in high demand. People spend a lot of money on their vehicles, and they want to maintain those vehicles. As far as getting started in this particular industry, you will need some form of a facility where you can work on the cars. Generally, creating a car detailing business can run you anywhere from 4k to 10k.

5) Virtual assistant

What exactly does a virtual assistant do? A VA is someone who works remotely for a company or individual and handles things such as scheduling appointments, email correspondences, and customer interactions—essentially, anything the employer wants to be done, a VA might be asked to do it. You choose the clients you take on, determine your hours, and decide how much you want to work.

6) Landscaping company

As with house painting, this is something that people may be able to do on their own to some extent, but time usually prohibits them from undertaking the landscaping of their property. The startup costs here are relatively low. You will need to purchase the proper equipment, a lawnmower, and a trailer or truck to transport all such equipment.

7) Blogger

The world of blogging is wide open—meaning anyone can do it who has access to a computer and wi-fi. The key to monetizing this type of business endeavor is to offer something of value, write on a topic that people want to read about. What is your area of expertise? How might you parlay this into a successful blog?

8) Personal trainer

Especially as we enter the new year, everyone will be looking to get fit, get back in shape and improve their overall health. If you do have some background in exercise science or personal training, or if you are willing to get trained to this end, this could be a very profitable business. Some trainers even work via Zoom.

9) App designer

More and more companies are integrating apps into their business. If you know how to design apps and create user-friendly end products that will help boost its bottom line, this could be a lucrative gig. While the overhead here is relatively low, you need experience in app design and general IT skills.

10) Handyman

People always need help around the house. Did you know that there are several platforms where you can advertise your services as a handyman? From putting together furniture to fixing a leaky faucet, if you have some knowledge and skills in this arena, then becoming your own handyman business is a great idea.

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