10 Popular Side Gigs That Actually Make Money

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Small Business | 0 comments

With the pandemic and the past year’s events, more people have been looking for ways to make extra money. If you can find that perfect side hustle and earn some additional cash, then why not. But what type of side gig should you take on? Which have the potential to make the most money? And what can you balance with your current job? Keep reading to find out some of the most popular side gigs in 2021.

1. Ride Share Driver. Even before COVID, rideshare drivers were in high demand; now, they are sought after more so than ever! The benefits here are almost too many to list—you get to set your schedule and work on your terms. The overhead is minimal; all you need is a reliable car. Uber and Lyft seem to be constantly hiring. If you have a knack for driving and are a people person, this could be the perfect side hustle for you.

2. Food Delivery Driver. It seems that 2021 was the year for those who wanted to try and make some extra income delivering food. From DoorDash to Uber Eats to GrubHub, these companies were most definitely on the lookout for drivers. Again, you get to pretty much set your schedule, so you can work around your current job and make some cash in the process.

3. Graphic Designers. It seems that more and more companies are boosting their online and digital footprints and in order to do that they need a variety of graphics. Graphic designers were in high demand this year and the outlook for 2022 is even better. If you have digital/artistic skills, then this could be the perfect gig for you.

4. Online Tutors. Especially as both high schools and colleges continue to work with hybrid learning models, tutors are needed more than ever. Depending on your education and knowledge base, becoming an online tutor might be a way to earn some extra cash, especially as we near the holiday season.

5. Dog Walking/Sitting. People love their pets. More and more people are hesitant to leave them alone during the day or at a kennel when they’re away. There was a boom in the number of dog sitters and walkers advertising their services online this past year. If you are a dog lover, why not give this side hustle a try.

6. Rent Out A Room. Maybe you have a fully finished basement. Or perhaps your home has an extra bedroom that you might turn into something Airbnb worthy. Numerous people found that renting out space in their homes was less of a hassle than expected, and it made them some additional money during the year.

7. Handyperson. People always need help around the house. Their lives get hectic; work is overwhelming, and they don’t have time for their home to-do list. Handy people who want to make some extra cash can advertise their services on various platforms and get connected with homeowners who need work done. From room painting to putting furniture together, there are many jobs listed every day.

8. Course Creator. Here’s the thing: there are many people with a lot to offer by way of educational/informational courses. But they don’t have the time to create the actual online system. If you have any background or experience with curriculum creation, this side gig stands to make you some decent money.

9. Virtual Assistant. By now, almost everyone has heard of VAs but might still not be 100% sure what they do. The short answer is pretty much anything. Companies and individuals alike hire virtual assistants to do everything from answering emails to scheduling meetings to sending out cards at Christmas time. If you are organized and have great communication skills, this is an excellent way to make additional money.

10. WordPress Developer. More and more people are looking to have websites built. This is where a skilled WordPress developer comes in. If you’ve worked with WordPress and are adept at development and design, then you can make some money with this particular side gig.

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